Nearly 2 years of Greeting Cards from Jennifer Nelson Artlsts!

In January, we will celebrate two years in the business - these are the cards we currently have out in the marketplace. Enjoy!

Happy Birthday to US!

We’re celebrating – it’s our first birthday! Yes, it was just last January that we launched Jennifer Nelson Artists and got to know all of you. The Little Agency That Could is now nearly one year old and there’s no better way to share the joy than to give one lucky winner a nice prize.

Anisa Makhoul's YAY! Cake

Anisa Makhoul's YAY! Cake

As you may know from our newsletters, we have almost daily sessions with artists offering information on all kinds of business issues. Done by Skype, I spend an hour with an artist giving advice on portfolios, contracts, marketing, even getting an agent. I answer whatever questions you may have and leave you better equipped for success in the art world.

Masthead design by Victoria Johnson

Masthead design by Victoria Johnson

You can win a FREE one-on-one Advice For Artists session with me,  just by entering.

Post a comment below about what you’re interested in learning for 2016. It could be about illustration marketplace, how to negotiate fees, what to look for in an agent, or how to read the fine print on a contract. Whatever interests you most!

I’ll select a winner at random on January 20th and we can schedule an hour-long session together. It’s that easy.

Even if you’re not the lucky winner your input still helps me to decide what to discuss in future Advice for Artists newsletters so please participate.

Happy Birthday to (ALL of) us! - Jennifer 

It is time to celebrate!

It’s our half-birthday and we’re doubly excited! Even though Jennifer Nelson Artists is just six months old, so much as happened in that time it seems like two years. We’ve worked with so many wonderful clients, worked on so many terrific projects, and met so many delightful people – it’s hard to believe we just opened the business in January. 

Artwork courtesy of Bee Brown.

Artwork courtesy of Bee Brown.

With six months under our collective belt, it’s time to celebrate! And how do we celebrate the company’s half-birthday? By kicking our heels up and committing to another six months of dazzling illustration and design from our awesomely talented artists. In other words, it’s business as usual. But even though we’re calmly going about our day-to-day activities we’re secretly jumping for joy on the inside. If this is how our first half-year went, we’re positively giddy imagining how great the next half will be!

Thanks to all the artists, clients and friends who have been with us for this incredible six-month journey. You’ve read our blog, licensed our art, posted on our social media sites and supported our efforts all the way. Happy half-birthday to you too! - Jennifer