NYC Tourism, JNA Style!

Spring in New York City! What could be better? Maybe enjoying beautiful, fresh art from our 12 artists while you’re there??! Today, we’ve put together a little JNA-style guide for a trip to NYC!


Let’s start by seeing Jennifer Orkin Lewis’s bold florals after you enjoy the delightful flowers of Central Park!


Or, how about getting lost in the graphite lines of our new artist, Malin Gyllensvaan, to celebrate not getting lost in New York’s sensible grid layout?


Enjoy the winter wonderlands and clever art of Jill Howarth after doing some year-round holiday shopping in Little Italy at Christmas in New York!


Fall in love with Janna Krupinski’s whimsical creations like this incredible mer-cat, then meet some exciting aquatic life at the New York Aquarium in Coney Island.


Now, I know what you think we’re going to recommend when you look at this amazingly graceful piece from our newest artist, Christine De Carvalho. Her florals and animals beckon to locations exotic and wild. Alas, there is no tiger at the Central Park Zoo! A trip to the American Museum of Natural History is in order. Lions, tigers, and bears at that one—oh, and flowers!


After visiting New York’s City’s oldest magic shop, Tannen’s, drop in and let Rae Ritchie’s enchanting scenes and repeats cast a spell on you!

Lauren BP Flyer 1.jpg

Lauren Lowen’s cool-cat art will certainly be a primer for a visit to one of the hippest spots in town, the Chelsea Market. Don’t forget to bring your top-knot!


This one, we recommend first thing in the morning. Come by our booth, look at Miriam’s delightfully bright art long enough that it gives you a big energy boost (it won’t take long, I promise) and then hop on over to Hudson Yard to climb their brand new public masterpiece, Vessel!


Another new artists for JNA, Dylan Mierzwinski, creates deliciously fun ink and paint illustrations that are a perfect dessert after visiting Bemelmans Bar in the Upper East Side, where your eyes can feast on walls covered with fanciful illustrations by Ludwig Bemelmans, himself.


Find yourself in a fairyland of colors and graceful characters looking at Bee Brown’s gorgeous prints right before heading out to see a performance at the New York Ballet!


Rachel Grant’s invitation is clear: you must go to a Brooklyn Bakery! But first, indulge in a viewing of her fabulous birds, florals, seascapes and storefronts. Then, head on over to the Hot Bread Kitchen.


Finally, before you leave, you have got to check out Kelly Angelovic’s incredible work! Her powerful pro-woman pieces demand a visit to that gorgeous green lady, the Statue of Liberty, before your trip ends.

Rae Ritchie's Illustration for The Boston Globe

Hello there! I’m very excited and grateful to share a piece I was fortunate enough to work on for The Boston Globe! This lovely piece was written by Gail Thorell Schilling and is a touching account of her father’s lifelong love of gardening and the comfort it provided for him; and thus in his passing, the comfort his garden still brings the author. I was honored to work on this project and wanted to share a little bit of the process with you!


Upon reading the piece, I knew flowers and foliage would be the focus, so I felt right at home! I worked on a few thumbnail sketches, and the art director and I chose to further explore a landscape concept with a mighty spruce as the main focus. 

Scan 4.jpeg

I had a lot of fun creating this piece and helping bring Gail’s story to life. Check out the time-lapse video below to watch me paint it! Cheers!


Introducing Christine De Carvalho

It may be gray and cold in Boston today, but we are having a sunshine day in the office! Read on to find out why!

Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 3.10.40 PM.png

This week is a huge week for us here at JNA; we get to launch the amazingly talented Christine De Carvalho!!! When I first saw Christine’s work, I fell in love with her dramatic feminine style mixed with an unmistakably, cool California flare. I can practically feel the sunshine on my face in those popping pinks and cool minty leaves that seem to sway in the breeze!

As we came to know Christine better, we also got to know the breadth of her work. Her range of experience is quite impressive! From a haute couture fashion designer in Paris to in-house Textile Designer for John Galliano, she has worked all over the world using her fabulous skills. We feel so lucky to represent this powerhouse of a designer!

While Christine’s themes are quite varied, she manages to keep her signature style in tact whether painting loose watercolor flowers or working digitally on unicorns. Much of Christine’s work is inspired by her love of folk art, fairytales, and vintage children's books. Animals and nature are some of her favorite subjects to illustrate.

We are so pleased to say that Christine’s work is now available for licensing and buy-outs. Or, If you want to see what she can come up just for you, she is also available for commissions. Check out her fantastic work below and visit her bio for more information!


Bologna Children's Book Fair, Here we Come!

The Children’s Book Fair is just a couple weeks away and we're so excited!  Not only do we love to travel... not only do we love Italy... but we love children's books! It all comes together at this one event. Is it any wonder we’re excited?

If you've been to these kinds of shows before you know how many exhibitors and visitors there are. Just so we don't lose each other in the crowd I'm asking you to take a moment, while you're thinking of it, and make an appointment to get together. I'd hate to travel all the way to Italy and miss seeing you!

And when I do see you, I'll be showing off some of the wonderful work my eleven illustrators have done for the publishing industry. Take a look!

The Happiest Valentine: Our New Artist Dylan Mierzwinski!

If you haven’t noticed, we are expanding our roster at Jennifer Nelson Artists!  Always striving to meet the market’s needs, while simultaneously honoring the niches of our amazing artists, it is challenging to find just the right fit...  Well, challenging until you come across an artist like Dylan!


Dylan’s work is singular and fabulous.  From her hilarious cartoon-like drawings to her sophisticated florals, she manages to create a broad range of art while keeping the thread of her personality and skill running through.  Seeing her art for the first time, the color palette and sketchy lines struck me.  In Dylan's work, I immediately saw skill, imagination, drive, joy, and potential.

Which, as is often the way with art, are the very words one could use to describe Dylan.  A self-taught artist, Dylan’s drive is clear.  She has carved out a prominent space not only as an artist but as a top Skillshare teacher.  Her joy comes across in her passion for sharing knowledge with others through teaching and through wholehearted Instagram posts which always elevate the online community.  Dylan is a supporter through and through.  As for potential, we cannot wait to see what Dylan comes up with next!  Every new piece she sends us is a delight.  

Dylan's work is available for licensing and full-buyouts and, if your interested in seeing what she can come up for you, she is also available for commissions!  Check out some of her amazing work below and visit her bio to find out more!

Making a Dream Project Come True: Birds in a Book by Rachel Grant

Just over a year ago a little dream of mine came true when I was asked by Abrams Noterie to illustrate not only a bird book, but a pop up bird book! Birds are one of my very favourite things to paint, I’ve always felt a certain connection with them, perhaps it’s something about their (comparatively) quiet, peaceful existence, where curiosity and nesting seem to be their primary goals! 

Bird book 9.JPG

When Abrams approached me to produce this book as part of their “Uplifting Editions” range, it was described as a “Bouquet of Birds” and I just loved this concept. The dust jacket comes off, revealing a hard cover reminiscent of antique bird books, then each branch and its bird lifts up above the book forming a bouquet shape that can then be displayed on a desk or a shelf. 

Bird book 6.JPG

My art director and editor began the design process with me by sharing a copy of a previous, floral version of the book that had been created in collaboration with Molly Hatch. This really helped me to see the way that I needed to engineer the illustrations in order to make them work within the confines of the page space. For example each pop up branch had to be carefully considered to check that its ‘turning circle’ was within the frame of the page when the book was closed and that the branch was wide enough to be sturdy and to take the rivet at its base. Then of course the overall ‘bouquet’ shape had to be considered, with the scale of the different bird species needing to be taken into account. 

Bird Book 11.JPG

With each spread I worked on came new facts about the birds. The text was written by Lesley Earle and I loved the way she brought the bird’s character to life, describing their quirky little habits and rituals. These kind of facts helped me to tell a little visual story on each page. For example, the male Regent Bowerbird builds an “impressive amphitheater” called a Bower to attract his prospective female and to provide them with a vantage point to watch his courtship display!

I created each page spread as a fully layered digital file in order to give maximum flexibility in the design process. To do this each element was painted individually with a mixture of acrylic, arcyla gouache and designer’s gouache on loose, watercolour paper. I then scanned these into the computer, removed the background white and digitally composed them onto the page. The text was added later by the lovely folks at Abrams. 

When my advance copy of the book arrived and I held it in my hands for the first time I was completely over the moon. To lift up each little bird and see the bouquet come to life, working just the way I designed it to, was the most rewarding thing in the world. After looking at it constantly for about a week, I then took great pleasure in taking it to my bookshelf and finding it a perfect spot amongst my collection of antique bird and botanical books. The completion of a dream come true. 

“Birds in a Book” can be purchased from Barnes&Noble, Books-A-Million, IndieBound, Powells, !ndigo and from Amazon worldwide. 

Introducing Malin Gyllensvaan!

Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 1.25.29 PM.png

The first time I saw Malin’s art, it sparked my imagination.  Her combination of graphite and paint was so unique, her sensibility so lavish and refined.  I felt surrounded by opulent beauty.  I traveled into the graceful curve of her lines.  I swam in her florals.  I said to myself, “I must sign this artist!”  That was back in August.  Every step along the way has been a confirmation of that decision; from her wonderful sense of humor and warmth on our artist retreat in Lake Como, to the glee I feel each time we pour over a new piece of Malin’s work.

Malin comes with an incredible arts background.  She graduated college in 2001 and immediately began working as an employed textile designer for a variety of companies, including Ikea, H&M, Wrangler, and many more.  When she had her first chid in 2013, she decided to start freelancing and has not looked back since (lucky for us!). We are simply thrilled to be included in her impressive roster of experience!

As I got to know Malin better, I came to understand the roots of her unique style.  She is a self-proclaimed “sucker” for old textiles, especially embroidered silk, and she finds inspiration from the art and crafts movement.  Most of her work starts with florals because they contain all the aspects of art that Malin loves.  They are rich in color, texture and shape.  Painting them puts her in a relaxed, meditative state of mind.  It amazes me to think how these things translate onto the page and could cause me, living thousands of miles away, to feel that same sort of meditative enchantment from just seeing her work.

We could not be happier to introduce this wonderful artist to you today and to be representing her!  Below are some of our favorite pieces.  If you’re interested in licensing her work and seeing more of what she has to offer, please feel free to request a gallery.  

I hope you enjoy her delicious images as much as I do.



JNA's Trunk Show is just around the corner. Have you signed up yet?

I can’t believe the Trunk Show is NEXT WEEK! We’ve been busy bees, putting together this opportunity for art buyers to enjoy our artists’ work at special studio rates. The best part is that the show is exclusively online; you can join us from the comfort of your own computer!

Come peruse our curated art galleries! Organized so you can take a leisurely stroll or go directly to the categories in which you’re most interested. Options include holiday art, greeting card sentiments, florals, and much more! Additionally, art is available for full buyouts, flat-fees, and traditional licensing. We can’t wait to see what you pick out!

The Nitty Gritty

DATES: January 15 - 17

ACCESS: Click here to sign up. Passwords will be sent on January 14th.

JNA goes to Lake Como, Italy for Artists Retreat 2018

If you follow us on social media, you know we’ve just gotten back from an artist retreat on Lake Como.  It was an amazing time!  We were generously hosted by Amore Escapes and the majestic GrandHotel Imperiale!  Our days were filled with painting, yoga, sight-seeing and, most importantly, time together.

0001_Grand Hotel Imperiale-29.jpg

JNA artists from around the the world gathered, Rae came from Minneapolis, Janna from Hamburg, Miriam from the Netherlands and our newest artist, Malin, from Stockholm.

We were in the town of Moltrasio perched right over a waterfall that pours into Lake Como. Below, you can see work-in-progress from the artists as well as some scenes from the village.

A highlight of the trip was a lake tour with our kind captain, Giacomo. The lake is lined with fabulous grand old (and a few new) homes. Some of which belong to George Clooney and Richard Branson… one property even boasts scenes from Star Wars and James Bond movies. This place is like a dream.

Below are a few more shots and more art. The work is as stunning as the place!

From left: Malin Gyllensvaan, Miriam Bos, Janna Krupinski and Rae Ritchie

From left: Malin Gyllensvaan, Miriam Bos, Janna Krupinski and Rae Ritchie

This is a trip I won’t ever forget! Stay tuned to see what we do next year! - Jennifer

Jennifer Nelson Artists Made A Big Splash in The City By The Bay

Whew! What a terrific trip I had traveling to San Francisco for our first-ever West Coast trade show. The city was beautiful (and I have pictures to prove it) and the show was a big success. We will definitely be coming back to Blue Print San Francisco next fall!


I met up with other artists and agents at the Fort Mason Center to set up for Blue Print (special thanks to Katy Tanis who helped me so much with the booth). The show was three good days punctuated with eating super yummy foods. I loved meeting all of you (many for the first time) and celebrating our mutual love of art.

Our booth looked great. I got to hang out with my agent friends, Abby, Brenda and Paul (founder and mastermind behind Blue Print) and Patrick too!


The flight from Boston was 3,234 miles. I brought more than 90 pounds of artwork to the show, on foot. Quite a workout, but it was well worth it! :)


A very sweet client brought Jill Howarth’s latest book up from LA for us. It’s so satisfying to see the artist’s work out in the wild.


The setting was gorgeous, right next to the water. At one point I looked out the window of the hotel and saw a seal basking in the sun. We don’t get those in Boston!


 The show was a huge success and we will definitely be there next autumn!

After three fun-but-exhausting days I had some time off. While in San Francisco I visited Alcatraz with my friend Brenda and hiked all around town.

I walked (just under 10 miles - and met not one but TWO corgis!) from Japantown to the Painted Ladies… down Haight Street to Market Street… to Lombard Street back down to the water… and back to the bayside, where a friend and Advice for Artist client, Shannon McNab, kindly drove me back to the airport.


I had a great time but it’s good to be back home. The succulents out west are so pretty, I brought one back to see if I can let it live in my studio. A little souvenir of my week in San Francisco.


Go West, JNA, Go West!

We are packing our bags, putting the final touches on the booth notions and sprinkling in some fairy dust for good measure! See you in San Francisco 2-4 October (Gallery 308 at Fort Mason Center). We get into high gear preparing for what will likely be our best show ever!

Here is a sneak peek at some of the great winter holiday art we will be featuring at Blue Print!

And some of the gorgeous florals, animals and the loveliest beach scene you have ever seen making a debut too!

We even have special handmade gifts for our Blue Print buyers! Reserve your appointment time today! I cant wait to see you there! - Jennifer

Pet Portraits by Rae Ritchie

Hi everyone! Over the past year I’ve been creating more and more private commission pet portraits! I love working on these with pet owners, discussing the animals' personality and unique details and markings to really bring the piece to life. One of my favorite parts is choosing the symbolic foliage background with the client. For example, Honey, a brown and black chihuahua, was found as a stray by her owners while they were working on a macadamia nut farm in Hawaii. Thus, Honey is surrounded by the beautiful blooms of macadamia trees. I love telling stories with my work, and when animals are involved? Well, I just can’t help myself!

Oftentimes, I get to capture a pet that has passed on. These are some of the most special portraits. When the client reacts to seeing the final piece, I realize why I started making art in the first place; to help others feel more connected to each other and to the nature of this world. 
- Rae