BLUE PRINT is just around the corner!

Jennifer Nelson Artists, will be exhibiting at the upcoming Blue Print Surface Design and Print Show in New York City on August 8-10th, 2016. 

Artwork left to right: Bee Brown, Anisa Makhoul, Miriam Bos, Jennifer Orkin Lewis, Jill McDonald, Jill Howarth and Lauren Lowen.

Artwork left to right: Bee Brown, Anisa Makhoul, Miriam Bos, Jennifer Orkin Lewis, Jill McDonald, Jill Howarth and Lauren Lowen.

“Blue Print is a very important show for us, since it focuses exactly on what we do,” said Jennifer Nelson from her Boston-area office. “Meeting with companies in these industries is essential to our business.”

Creating, licensing and selling art for surface design and print products is at the core of their operation at Jennifer Nelson Artists. Representing seven top illustrators, JNA specializes in a quirky, feminine look that is popular on all sorts of goods from greeting cards to dish towels. “We know that our customers will be at Blue Print and we look forward to seeing them again and showing off some of our artists’ latest work.” 

Launched in January of 2015, Jennifer Nelson Artists already boasts a roster of top illustrators: Anisa MakhoulBee BrownJennifer Orkin Lewis,Jill HowarthJill McDonaldLauren Lowen, and introducing Miriam Bos

Jennifer Nelson Artists is a Boston-based illustration agency representing talented artists whose work is available for licensing, purchasing as well as commissions. JNA can be reached at (781) 643-2002, on Instagram or by email.


August 8-10, 2016

Monday, August 8th - 9:00-6:00
Tuesday, August 9th- 9:00-6:00
Wednesday, August 10th- 9:00-6:00

404 Tenth Avenue
(between 32nd and 33rd Streets)
New York, NY 10001



Recorded LIVE from SURTEX 2016

Here we are LIVE from SURTEX with Anne Bollman! 

Attention world: Jill Howarth is here!

We’re pleased as can be to announce that a charming new illustrator has joined us here at Jennifer Nelson Artists. Just take one look at Jill Howarth’s work and you’ll see why.

Jill Howarth has a background in children’s design for the toy industry, and you can see she has a real knack for it. There’s a palpable joy to her work along with that child-like sense of wonder that makes her illustrations perfect for a wide array of products. Now that Jill Howarth is on board I’m eager to start making deals for greeting cards, wrapping paper, bedding, and so much more.

One in a series of Old Maid Cards

One in a series of Old Maid Cards

Join me in welcoming Jill Howarth to the fold! You may have noticed that I’m using her full name rather than just “Jill.” That’s because we already have the amazing Jill McDonald working with this small agency and I want to avoid confusion. It’s like a first grade class that has four Jennifers and everyone is called by her first and last name. (Actually, we have two Jennifers here, too!)

Although the name’s the same, both of our Jills and all of our other artists create artwork that’s delightfully different and equally great. Each illustrator has a unique vision that sets her apart and brings sheer joy to every project.

Who will be the first to commission a piece of gorgeous illustration from Jill Howarth, or to license one of her lovely existing works? Will it be you? Contact me to see more! - Jennifer

Hello! My name is Anisa.

WEEK ONE: Flow Magazine has asked me to blog for them on Wednesdays all month.  We thought it would be fun to share these posts over here too! 

I was born in Lansing, Michigan, and I was a very creative child.  I was always interested in sewing or painting, or anything that involved colors. I studied printmaking at Minneapolis College of Art & Design.  

After college I just wanted to travel the U.S.  so I funded my trip by sewing hand made dresses, and selling them at music concerts, It was a great way to see my country.  It also started me into a business printing, sewing and later manufacturing my own clothing. 

I made clothes and sold under the label Makool for many years.  When I gave birth to my son 5 years ago, my love for travel and adventure won again and we decided to move from Portland, Oregon to Amsterdam, NL.  

Anisa at work.

Anisa at work.

While living in Amsterdam I fell in love with the canal houses and the bicycles and I began painting and drawing. I started taking classes in illustration, and before I knew it I had a new career.  

Last year we moved back from Amsterdam, to Portland.  Portland is on the West Coast of the U.S. right above California.  It's in a temperate rain forest.  It rains a lot here, but the rain makes it very green.  

The city is covered in moss, ferns, fog and old growth trees.  It feels good to live here, the city seems to glow green, it’s very healing.  I missed this living in Amsterdam. 

I’m excited to share my creative process as well as some of my inspiration over the next few weeks.  I hope you’ll visit my website and follow me on Instagram.

Enjoy! - Anisa

WEEK TWO: I thought today it would be nice if I gave you a tour of my new studio. Part of the incentive for me to move to Portland from Amsterdam was that I would have a new house. Our house was finished last June and we were able to move in after a long wait. My favorite room is my studio, it’s open with concrete floors and floor to ceiling windows facing the south. It’s a L shape so it’s hard to photograph, also on the day I took these picture we had some unexpected sunshine in Portland, it’s very rare.

You can see my cat “Happy Kids T.V.”, showing you the butterflies I did for this month’s issue of Flow. She’s a Devon Rex cat and she likes to come to my studio and find things she can attack. 

This is where I spend the majority of my time. I like to draw with pencils or calligraphy pens, and paint with gouache, ink, or acrylic. I mostly don’t keep sketch books unless I’m traveling. I prefer to make a bunch of drawings, and tape them to the wall. I work with my drawings in photoshop and I find that having them taped to the wall, lets me see everything I have without toggling through folders. 

Thanks for stopping by my studio. Next week I’m going to introduce you to some of my friends. - Anisa


This week I wanted to show you how I stay creative and social.  Having creative social outlets helps me to stay inspired, by thinking about making art in different ways. 

Portland is a very creative city, I feel fortunate to be a part of the art community.  Last year a group of women artists started an event called “Ladies Drawing Night”, it a private group,  when I was asked to join I was very excited.  The group meets once a month, we get together to sit around a table, drink wine, share snacks, and make art.  This has connected me with some amazingly talented local women, whom I admire, and it’s been a great resource.  Last month I brought my camera along to share a picture with you. 

(pictured here, from the right around the table is  Lena Podesta, Adrienne Vita, Vera Brosgol, Peg Serena, Tara Lilly, Kinoko Evans, and the little blue person on pink paper is by Rilla Alexander) 

(pictured here, from the right around the table is  Lena Podesta, Adrienne Vita, Vera Brosgol, Peg Serena, Tara Lilly, Kinoko Evans, and the little blue person on pink paper is by Rilla Alexander) 

Another project I do with friends is “Stamp Art Club”, once a month we each make a postage stamp based on a theme.  There are four of us, and we make these images to share on  Instagram.  We have a hashtag #stampartclub if you’d like to view the whole project. 

The artists are Tara Lilly from Portland, Oregon, Monika Forsberg from London, and Kate Mason from Australia.

One great thing about stamp art club is that it keeps me in touch with friends who live far away.   We are doing a project together so we can’t fall out of touch, also it insures that I have one playful assignment every month that’s just for myself.  So much of what you do as an illustrator is making work for clients, constantly thinking about what the client wants can get tiresome. 

I hope to encourage other creatives out there to begin some sort of “creative playground”, someplace where there’s no pressure just connecting with other artists in fun ways.  It can help to get you out of your own head, and the connections you'll make are priceless. - Anisa

WEEK 4: I used to think I couldn’t draw, but now I think drawing is like a muscle if you don’t use it’s not very strong and the more you use it the better it works.  

When I was in college, I always got C’s in drawing no matter how much energy I put into the class. This was discouraging for me and I only took the required amount of drawing to graduate art school.  I ended up studying photography and printmaking.  

After college I went on to teach myself how to sew and design patterns for clothing.  I did some screen printing on the clothing, but not very much.  I spent the next 10 years building up a business, selling hand made clothing designs.  Meanwhile I always felt something was missing.  I noticed myself spending time on the internet admiring the work of artists and illustrators. 

It was when I moved from Portland to Amsterdam that I stopped the clothing business it just wasn’t possible to move it.  I had a lot of time to be alone with my creativity which was really nagging me.  I felt lost not having a creative outlet.  One day when I was on Amazon shopping for books a suggestion caught my eye. It was Lilla Rogers “I just like to make things”, the title alone spoke to me and I ordered the book.  Shortly after, I began taking her classes, and things just snowballed from there.  Today I couldn’t imagine not drawing and painting every day, it feels like I’ve been doing this my whole life. 

Here’s a suggestion to get into drawing.  Give yourself an assignment.  I used to tell myself I’m just going to draw an object 50 times.  I discovered if you draw a chicken 50 times it’s not possible to have 50 bad drawings of a chicken a few of them will be interesting and pretty good. It’s a great way to get yourself into drawing and to discover your style. 

Thanks you for spending the month with me, I loved blogging every week.  - Anisa

Bee's Jolly Circus Growth Chart for Samsung

Hi Everyone! I was really thrilled to find some wonderful samples in the mail today of a wall chart that I created last summer. Their brief asked me to come up with some happy animal shapes having fun in a circus setting and positioned in a kind of fun 'animal stack' format.

I love drawing happy, colorful animals so this was a dream brief for me! 

The process was a very simple one: I started off by making some quick pencil sketches which once approved, were then scanned into Illustrator and coloured up. The lovely team of in-house designers finished off the file by placing in the measuring scale and voila!, we were done! Enjoy - Bee

Bee's tight sketches show the client what they can expect.

Bee's tight sketches show the client what they can expect.

Here is a snippet of one of the first round of pencil sketches, a colour proof of the final finished growth chart and a photo of the packaged product, ready for retail


The irony of being too busy to write a blog...

There’s something ironic about writing a blog explaining how you’re too busy to write a blog. So be it!

The past few months have been ridiculously busy here. And that’s a good thing! But I miss having the time to chat with our clients and artists friends.

December is a busy month for most people, with holidays and shopping and family. For us, it’s even busier as we exhibited at our first trade show: Blue Print NYC. We had a great time being in New York City, meeting people in person we had only spoken with on the phone, and doing quite a bit of business right there at the show. Our wonderful artist Jennifer Orkin Lewis brought her watercolors and was painting portraits of attendees live and in-person. Such a cool experience! We broadcast some of it live on Periscope while posting photos to Instagram and Facebook right from the event. 

In January we were back in NYC for Printsource. Once again we had a booth and enjoyed meeting and greeting both artists and art buyers in a sometimes hectic but always friendly atmosphere. If you didn’t make it this time we’ll be back again in August. Send a note to say you’re coming so we can plan to meet there. It’s a terrific show for the surface texture industry.

We barely had time to catch our breath before we had to be in the air for a trip to Atlanta. (Less than 24 hours between getting home from Printsource and boarding a flight to Georgia. Yes, I managed to squeeze in a shower.) I met our amazing artist, Lauren Lowen there. The Atlanta Gift & Home Show is not only a wonderful show, but Atlanta is my home town. That meant spending quality time with my folks in between doing business at the show. It was fun, but exhausting. The very cool thing is that last year (the week before we hung out our shingle) - Lauren and I first met at this very show. JNA had no products, of course.... well, this year we are so pleased to say we have over 50!

With all that travel behind me, I have been working like mad on the mountain of follow-up. There are still calls and emails to return, and literally hundreds of inquiries to answer. But I’m not complaining! I love to be busy and I love my job.

I’ll blog again when I get a break. Meanwhile, feel free to get in touch when you need illustration for whatever project you have. I’m sure we can make you happy. – Jennifer

Happy New Year!

2015 was an banner year for us. We opened our doors to a welcoming community of clients and artists, international publications, our very first trade show, press beyond belief and client work dreams are made of. 

Jill McDonald's gorgeous lettering

Jill McDonald's gorgeous lettering

Lauren Lowen rings in the New Year with hipsters

Lauren Lowen rings in the New Year with hipsters

Bee Brown's charming bear greets the New Year!

Bee Brown's charming bear greets the New Year!

Anisa and her studio mate send warmest regards (and stunning lettering) for 2016

Anisa and her studio mate send warmest regards (and stunning lettering) for 2016

Jennifer's florals greet 2016 with high style.

Jennifer's florals greet 2016 with high style.

And Jessica's fabulous lettering and pinky oranges!

And Jessica's fabulous lettering and pinky oranges!

Here's to a even more stellar 2016! - Jennifer

Off to BLUEPRINT, with PRINTSOURCE close behind!

Whew, running a small business is loads of work! Good thing I LOVE it! 

We are ready for BLUEPRINT! The prints are sorted and packed in pretty folios, the banners are ready to pop up, the forms are ready to be filled, the postcards are all tucked into Monika's beautiful ZÜCA bag. I even have a few giveaways for lucky clients! Hope to see you there! 



December 2-4, 2015

Wednesday Dec 2nd - 10:00-6:00
Thursday Dec 3rd- 9:00-6:00
Friday Dec 4th: 9:00-4:00

404 Tenth Avenue
(between 32nd and 33rd Streets)

Next stop, PRINTSOURCE! Send me a note to schedule an appointment for either (or both!) shows. - Jennifer

It is time to celebrate!

It’s our half-birthday and we’re doubly excited! Even though Jennifer Nelson Artists is just six months old, so much as happened in that time it seems like two years. We’ve worked with so many wonderful clients, worked on so many terrific projects, and met so many delightful people – it’s hard to believe we just opened the business in January. 

Artwork courtesy of Bee Brown.

Artwork courtesy of Bee Brown.

With six months under our collective belt, it’s time to celebrate! And how do we celebrate the company’s half-birthday? By kicking our heels up and committing to another six months of dazzling illustration and design from our awesomely talented artists. In other words, it’s business as usual. But even though we’re calmly going about our day-to-day activities we’re secretly jumping for joy on the inside. If this is how our first half-year went, we’re positively giddy imagining how great the next half will be!

Thanks to all the artists, clients and friends who have been with us for this incredible six-month journey. You’ve read our blog, licensed our art, posted on our social media sites and supported our efforts all the way. Happy half-birthday to you too! - Jennifer

Victoria's expressive, lyrical work spins the world on a new axis.

This week, I am counting down the (2!) days until SURTEX by featuring sneak peeks of each artist's work.

Victoria is becoming world famous for her color palettes, her keen design eye and her expressive lyrical quality. (Victoria's work is like happiness in a bottle.) Our clients are working with her on children's bedding, growth charts, Christmas paper goods, and a line of gifts and bolts of fabric so dear you will swoon at first glance! I reckon, I am the luckiest agent in town! You can find Victoria (and me) @ Booth 518! Enjoy! - Jennifer

This last one is SPECIAL thanks to ALL of you who have supported us as we launched the agency, licensed or commissioned art and continue to make us feel so very welcome in this wonderful world of art!

Lauren leaps into SURTEX 2015!

This week, I am counting down the (5!) days until SURTEX by featuring sneak peeks of each artist's work. Sharpen your pencils - this is a good one!

Tuesday is for Lauren and her snarky sensibility, inborn humor, fantastical lettering and scrumptious line work. Clients are eating up her work, with all sorts of licenses and commissions for editorial maps, suitcase fabric design and greeting cards galore. Once again, I am tickled pink (shades of indigo, actually) to represent this über-cool, super-fine talent! I'm thinking temporary tattoos next! What about you? Something tells me, your product would sell better with a little Lauren mixed in! Visit Lauren in Booth #559 or contact me for to see the more than 150 illustrations in Lauren's archive! - Jennifer

Bee buzzes into SURTEX 2015!

This week, I am counting down the (6!) days until SURTEX by featuring sneak peeks of each artist's work.

We start with Bee, her delightful wit and innate design sense. Clients are eating up her yummy color palettes., with licenses and commissions for wall art, stationery, books, little girl's dresses and *maybe* even fabrics! Once again, I am counting my lucky stars! This girl is on fire! I am thinking product development is next! Here's some eye candy for you! Visit Bee's updated portfolio today!  - Jennifer

A Native Gal's Thoughts on the Atlanta Gift Show!

Although I grew up in Atlanta, I never worked there professionally (went straight to NYC for school and then kept moving my way up the east coast until I landed in Boston!). This was my first time visiting the Atlanta Gift Show. Wow! Wow and truly, WOW!


I met, our own brilliant, Lauren Lowen and we walked the miles and miles of the show until we could take in no more! We chatted all the while about all the things we can do together!

Lauren Lowen for Department 56!

Lauren Lowen for Department 56!

Lauren Lowen for Demdaco!

Lauren Lowen for Demdaco!

We saw thousands of products representing 100s of 1000s of hours of illustration work. The GREAT news is that art licensing business is alive and well in the gift market (and it means I see my parents more often)! We even had a quick sighting of Monika's work amazing work!

I can already imagine the artists' work on such products as:  aprons, stationery, guided (or not so guided) journals, beach blankets, ornaments, sweet little girl's dresses, candy tins, bolt fabric, lunch boxes. You too? Call me, 781-643-2002 and let's make it happen! - Jennifer

Monika Forsberg for eeBoo!

Monika Forsberg for eeBoo!

FOR MORE SEASONED RESOURCES: Read Joan Beiriger's blog post here, where you'll find her smart take on themes and trends; Tara Reed's very personal impressions here and Alex Columbo's press perspective (with loads more photos) here. Each has a unique take on the show.