Lauren’s latest work ready for the New York shows!

With BLUE PRINT + SURTEX just around the corner I want to share the artists' portfolio books!  Lauren Lowen rounds out another year of terrific work. Take a look! Want to see work before the show, just ask! Enjoy - Jennifer



Nearly 2 years of Greeting Cards from Jennifer Nelson Artlsts!

In January, we will celebrate two years in the business - these are the cards we currently have out in the marketplace. Enjoy!

Yancy's Taste and See: Cover & Alternatives!

One project I’m really excited to see is my second illustrated album for children’s singer/ songwriter Yancy, who is based in my city of Nashville. This is the second project we’ve collaborated on, and I thought it would be great to show you some of the cover sketches that didn’t make the cut.

The album was titled “Taste & See”, so we wanted to work with a lot of sight and taste imagery, PLUS work in some great animal characters (of course). Below is the finished cover, and you can scroll down to see other versions that we worked through.

 In the end, I liked this crazy rabbit so much I decided I HAD to finish him. Think of him as a “deleted scene”. Enjoy! - Lauren

Read lots more about this project and Lauren's family trip to Disney here!