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Breaking into the art industry can be an immense challenge. There is so much misinformation, smoke and mirrors, which seem designed to keep artists in the dark about the reality of what it takes to succeed professionally. We developed Advice for Artists in the hopes of demystifying this process. Having honest and open conversations about the industry is our mission. As part of this, we are developing educational offerings that level the playing field and provide a refreshing perspective.

I meet with artists in one-on-one consultations on a regular basis, as well as for occasional single-topic workshops and series talks. These are live-chat sessions using a video conferencing platform. If you are an artist in surface design, home decor, publishing, or editorial work and looking to learn more about the industry; or an established artist looking to advance your business and not sure how to get there, the courses listed below will help you.

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One-on-One Consulting

One-on-One Consulting | $195 | 1 hour session
This special consulting session is designed for individual artists seeking a personalized portfolio review, website and social media audit, and a personalized marketing plan. Before our session, I will have reviewed your portfolio, your website and your social media presence. This review, along with your goals for the session, will inform what we cover. You will with actionable steps towards reaching your career goals.

If you can not make the times below, please send me a note here and I will try to meet with you as early as 8am ET or as late as 4pm ET on a Friday.

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 I am so glad I took the one-on-one session with Jennifer. Very thankful for all the wonderful insights and advice. Thank you for identifying the gaps in my portfolio and suggesting tips. It was very important for me to get an overview of how an industry expert would view my portfolio and see if I am headed in the right direction. I now have a much clearer vision of where I want to go and what path to follow. Thank you!

I am so glad I did a one-on-one consultation with Jennifer! She gave me very specific and candid advice in the areas where I requested it, and also answered a lot of questions about the business of surface design and illustration that I was having trouble tracking down elsewhere. Also, she was very kind and relatable. I highly recommend a consultation with her, and am eager to participate in a roundtable session in the future!

Rima Tessman


Jennifer’s Jumpstart Your Marketing Efforts roundtable was an invaluable experience. It was chock full of information that I now feel I am able to act on—and move my marketing forward with more confidence. Jennifer is so friendly, open and generous with her knowledge. A joy! Thank you Jennifer!

Cynthia Jacquette

Thank you Jennifer for another amazing roundtable - Jumpstart Your Marketing Efforts was exactly what I needed after returning from my first trade show (Blueprint in NYC) and feeling a bit lost in the sea of follow ups and "now what?" questions!! You never disappoint! I am ready to roll out the next phase of my business development and inspired to create contacts confidently and well informed! I am a huge fan and highly recommend your courses - with much gratitude and appreciation!

I am beyond thrilled with the information and wisdom I gleaned from my one-on-one session with Jennifer. She listened to my concerns and addressed my questions with clear, actionable steps. I felt like I had been spinning my wheels for a while and she helped set me back on course. I now have a clearer vision and a list of to-do’s to get me there. It was well worth the time and investment. She even squeezed me into her already full schedule at the last minute. Thank you Jennifer!

Christy Mandin


Jennifer was lovely and engaging to connect with. Her love of art and coaching really shown through. Her workshop was highly motivating and gave a well rounded source of art licensing information. She even answered all my questions before I even had a chance to ask them. That was pure greatnesst! I look forward to attending more of her workshops and seeking out her intuitive advice in the future. Thank You Jennifer!

Jennifer Sabo/Jennifer Sabo Designs


Jennifer is so friendly and generous with the information she shares. It is clear that Jennifer has a passion for helping artists and the industry overall. I have walked away with a true understanding of the pricing and salary expectations in the SPD industry so I can stop second guessing myself! This is my second consultation with Jennifer and I can't recommend her highly enough! Thank you Jennifer!

Kelly Kratzing


As a newcomer to the surface design industry I found this session extremely valuable! I have been struggling to find detailed answers to my many questions regarding licensing, pricing and client expectations. Jennifer was eager and willing to share information on all aspects of the surface design industry. I appreciated her candid answers and encouraging advice. She provides great tips on pricing and contracts and for me personally, it helped me find clarity in the direction I want this side of my business to go. Thank you Jennifer!

Lisa Glanz 

Jennifer is always so generous and candid with providing information about the industry and her Pricing Tips workshop was no exception. Even as a designer who has a few years of art licensing under my belt, I still found the session extremely valuable! Not only did it confirm several of the pricing practices I already have in place, but also gave me some new negotiating tips that I'm eager to try.

Shannon McNab 

It's been a little over a year since my one-to-one consultation with Jennifer, and I just want to say how helpful it was in setting me on the right path. The feedback was so helpful to me, and I feel much more confident in my work now. A year later and I have gained many new clients and even illustrated a book due out in the fall! I can't thank her enough for her guidance, and would definitely recommend her sessions to anyone looking for fresh eyes on their portfolio or direction in terms of career!

Allie Runnion 

Thanks very much for the wealth of information shared at the Basics Workshop, Pricing Tips and Techniques for Artists. I definitely feel better prepared for BluePrint and more confident not only with pricing but with how to manage expectations for the show! The timing for the workshop was perfect, and I hope to see you in NYC in just a couple weeks!

Deborah M Payne 

Thank you for amazing talk, and for helping me to find myself in between all parts of me. Working for so many different companies almost made me loose a direction, and I am glad I can finally concentrate on what is the most important.,and hopefully move to the place I want to be. Its the best feeling in the world when you hands are "itching to start'... and its what I have at this moment. My heartfelt gratitude...
Maria van Bruggen


As always, your session on pricing was incredibly helpful! I so appreciate your nurturing spirit! You are a gem!

Teresa Barry 

I’ve been a part of both Jennifer's Business Basics Roundtable as well as a one-on-one session. Both times I felt I was given new and useful information to help my pursuit of illustration/surface design projects with more intelligence than I had before these sessions. As a career graphic designer, it can be overwhelming to learn a whole new process of contracts, pricing, project management and client interaction. Jennifer breaks these things down into manageable bits of information that provide new insight and approaches that I hadn't considered or maybe had even forgotten. Artists quickly learn that an illustration career is a highly competitive pursuit. Patience, self-confidence and knowledge of the business are key. Jennifer is an honest and supportive ally in that endeavor. A session with her is an investment in future successes. She’s a gem!

Christa Schoenbrodt


The Business Basics Roundtable was packed full of information about pursuing a career in illustration. Jennifer gave lots of insider tips, advice about what subject matters sell and how much to charge, and insight into how to grow the best portfolio for the job. The education was well worth the money!

allison strine


It was great to chat with Jennifer again. She was super generous in her advice, I went away with some great tips for moving forward

Simone Gooding


My one-to-one consultation with Jennifer was such a positive experience. Jennifer's positive feedback on my work was very helpful, she was able to give valuable feedback on my designs and social media organisation. I feel I am able to move forward by implementing her suggestions. I would highly recommend seeking out a consultation with Jennifer, it is money well spent!

Bea van der Zwaag 


I just had my consultation with Jennifer, and she is truly a pleasures to talk to, as well as very helpful and informative. Jennifer took the time to really engage with my work and gave constructive comments that I can use to move forward in my career as an illustrator. I am excited to take her input and develop new work. Thank you Jennifer!

Annie Bakst


Signing up to talk with Jennifer about my illustration career is probably one of the best decisions I've made so far. She has so much to offer in terms of industry knowledge and first hand experience working with artists, plus she's just great to talk to!! Before our talk I wasn't quite sure in which direction to head, but now I have a clear path laid out before me. Many thanks Jennifer!

Marie Hermansson