Truck, Truck, Bus!

Tomorrow we will be hosting another great giveaway over on our Facebook page! Monika's amazing Truck + Bus game for eeBoo!


Pop on over to our contact page today to sign up for our mailing list! Contest begins tomorrow @ 10amEDT! Hope you win! - Jennifer

I scream, you scream, we all for scream ICE CREAM

I was working in a coffee shop in the summer trying to make the perfect latte. I think the boss of that little shop wouldn't mind being called insane. He really was. It was like being in a surreal sitcom. I loved it. And the people that bought the coffee became little gems in my world. 

At the same time as I worked there I got commissioned by the amazing eeBoo to make an ice cream game. Today I the finished product was delivered. The quality is fantastic and both my kids immediately bagsied the strawberry ice cream one whilst I really favour the lime one. I feel truly lucky to work with such lovely people. Will do a lucky dip giveaway soon, so keep your eyes peeled! -Monika


A Native Gal's Thoughts on the Atlanta Gift Show!

Although I grew up in Atlanta, I never worked there professionally (went straight to NYC for school and then kept moving my way up the east coast until I landed in Boston!). This was my first time visiting the Atlanta Gift Show. Wow! Wow and truly, WOW!


I met, our own brilliant, Lauren Lowen and we walked the miles and miles of the show until we could take in no more! We chatted all the while about all the things we can do together!

Lauren Lowen for Department 56!

Lauren Lowen for Department 56!

Lauren Lowen for Demdaco!

Lauren Lowen for Demdaco!

We saw thousands of products representing 100s of 1000s of hours of illustration work. The GREAT news is that art licensing business is alive and well in the gift market (and it means I see my parents more often)! We even had a quick sighting of Monika's work amazing work!

I can already imagine the artists' work on such products as:  aprons, stationery, guided (or not so guided) journals, beach blankets, ornaments, sweet little girl's dresses, candy tins, bolt fabric, lunch boxes. You too? Call me, 781-643-2002 and let's make it happen! - Jennifer

Monika Forsberg for eeBoo!

Monika Forsberg for eeBoo!

FOR MORE SEASONED RESOURCES: Read Joan Beiriger's blog post here, where you'll find her smart take on themes and trends; Tara Reed's very personal impressions here and Alex Columbo's press perspective (with loads more photos) here. Each has a unique take on the show.