Jennifer Nelson Artists Inc. To Exhibit At Back-To-Back Shows

JNA Will Be In NYC In May 2017 At Both Blue Print + SURTEX


Boston, MA. March 21, 2017:  Entrepreneur and artist’s agent Jennifer Nelson will be exhibiting at the upcoming Blue Print V Show 1 in NYC on May 18th to 20th, and immediately following at SURTEX on May 21st to 23rd, 2017. 

“This will be a lot of work,” says Jennifer Nelson, “but at least the two shows don’t overlap. Both are in Manhattan and they run back-to-back. It will be a pleasure to go from one to the other.” Attendees will remember that last year’s events ran concurrently, which meant being in two places at the same time. “This year feels like a vacation in comparison!”

The newly incorporated Jennifer Nelson Artists, Inc. will showcase the latest work of the company’s 9 top-shelf illustrators: Miriam Bos, Rachel Grant, Rae Ritchie, Lauren Lowen, Anisa Makhoul, Jill Howarth, Bee Brown, Jennifer Orkin Lewis and Kelly Angelovic.

With Jennifer Nelson being in New York City for six days from May 18th through the 23rd, there will be plenty of opportunity for face-to-face meetings. “No excuses!” says Jennifer with a smile. “I want to see all of our clients while I’m in town, and meet some new ones, of course.”

“Most of our business is conducted by phone, email and online meetings, so these events are social occasions for us, as well as serious business. I really look forward to them.” said Jennifer Nelson from the JNA office in the Boston area.

JNA’s artists create wonderful, adorable images which are then licensed to manufacturers primarily for surface design. Common objects are transformed into desirable art pieces thanks to these gorgeous artworks. Jennifer’s team of artists specialize in a hand-drawn style that’s quirky and feminine, and looks great on all sorts of goods from pajamas to tea towels to greeting cards. Jennifer’s philosophy is “Anything can be improved by adding art. Why not get more beauty into your life?” 

Trade shows are the highlight of the year for JNA. “We can’t wait to see our regular customers, and to make friends with artists, other agencies and potential clients.” To arrange a meeting with Jennifer, attendees should make an appointment so no one gets left out.

Jennifer Nelson Artists, Inc. has been selling and licensing art every day since their launch in January, 2015. In a little more than two years they have made well over 500 deals with manufacturers and licensors.

Jennifer Nelson Artists, Inc. is a Boston-based illustration agency representing talented artists whose work is available for purchasing, licensing as well as commissions. JNA can be reached at (781) 643-2002 or by email. New work appears regularly on Instagram.

BLUE PRINT: May 18-20

Thursday May 18th:  9:00-6:00
Friday May 19th: 9:00-6:00
Saturday May 20th: 9:00-6:00

LOCATION:  404 10th Ave
(between 31st + 33rd streets)


SURTEX: May 21-23

Sunday May 21th:  9:00-6:00
Monday May 22th: 9:00-6:00
Tuesday May 23th: 9:00-4:00

LOCATION:  Jacob Javits Center
655 West 34th (@ 11th Avenue)