It's a Jungle out there!

I am so proud to share these two fun books that I made with the UK publisher Campbell Books. "First Stories - The Jungle Book" is a fun Push & Pull book featuring the story of Mowgli and his friends Baloo the Bear and Bagheera the Black Panther.

I thoroughly enjoyed working on this colourful project. It was really great working on a book with mechanisms. This type of book is a little bit more of a challenge since you have to think and illustrate in different layers. [delete extra space]  It could be a puzzle at times to make it work right for both the editors and myself. But we are super happy with the results.

I am sharing an illustration of the front cover and also a short movie that I made.

The cardboard book is part of the First Stories series that also features books like "Alice in Wonderland" and "Peter Pan." They are aimed at toddlers and can be bought at Amazon, amongst others.

The First Stories book is accompanied by "The Jungle Book: First Sticker Activity Book." Mowgli and his friends are set off on a wild jungle adventure with over 300 stickers and a lot of puzzles and games to keep your toddler busy for a while. And of course they meet new friends along the way.

This book is available at Amazon as well. Both books have been translated to many languages, so it is possible you will find them in your local bookstore too. And here is another little video as a sneak peek. Enjoy - Miriam