Miriam Bos


Illustrator and pattern designer Miriam Bos comes from the Netherlands. (Interesting trivia: Her last name is Dutch for “forest.”) Miriam loves creating art that brings a smile to your face. It sure works for me! A big lover of nature, Miriam lives in Apeldoorn, a city that is surrounded by forest (“bos”) and heide (heath). “On sunny days I love making long bicycle trips with my husband while exploring the area,” she said.

Miriam started out as an illustrator of children’s books and magazines. In 2012, she jumped into pattern design and put her heart into developing new illustrations and surface designs for a whole different market. Now she is a fabric designer with Birch Fabrics and has two fabric collections in her name. Miriam creates in both traditional and digital techniques. “I like to mix them together,” she said, “which gives my artwork a distinct and quirky style.”

Miriam’s clients include Cottage Door Press, Demdaco, Design House Greetings, Flow Magazine, Auzou, BBDO, Crocodile Creek, American Greetings, Birch Fabrics, and many more.