Jennifer Nelson Artists + Heart 2 Art Talk!

This past Tuesday, I had the privilege of wonderful Periscope interview with Ann Was Here and Jeanetta Gonzalez, both illustrators, surface designers, very clever teachers & co-hosts of #Heart2ArtTalk.

It was so fun (even though I was a tad nervous)... we talked about newsletters, agents, treating your business like a business, building a client list and so much more. Click here to watch the Heart-to-Art interview. 

Anne Bollman, myself + Jeanetta Gonzalez

Anne Bollman, myself + Jeanetta Gonzalez

If you need advice on a personal basis, schedule an appointment with me for one of our hour-long Advice For Artists sessions. 

My interview with the bright and charming Monica Lee

Monica and I met for several lunches and a great few hours of consignment shopping! I felt a kinship with her from the moment we met. She 100% delightful, insightful and one Smart Creative Woman!

BIG THANKS to Monica for having me! Here is a link to the interview! Enjoy!