This was a very BIG week for our little company.... and tomorrow brings another great chapter.

SURTEX 2015 was 100% complete success for us! We were very kindly received by clients and artists alike. At every turn, I felt the warmth of smiles and fond gazes from so many of you. One sweet Texan, said she could tell with every comment I share, every post I write that I love my job, that I truly desire success for the JNA artists and I am committed to being a positive force in this community. My eyes pricked up a bit, as I could not have conveyed my sentiments better in my own words. Here are a few photos from the show... see our Instagram (right) for even more! We warmly welcome our new manufacturing licenses in baby layette, greeting cards, wallpaper, children's books, bedding, journals, cake decorating, balloons and more. The artists have lots of work to do and I have loads of contracts to solidify! Mark your calendars, next year SURTEX is 15-17 MAY 2016!

Not to be outdone by all the SURTEX woo-ha... TOMORROW, we announce our newest artist and I can hardly wait! Check this spot and our newsletter to find out who I am lucky enough to represent next! - Jennifer