BLUE PRINT: Young Designer Competition announced

I am delighted to be selected as a judge in the BLUEPRINT competition! 

The competition is for two up and coming young designers to win their own booth space at next years Blue Print III show in New York. The venue for this show is the Metropolitan Suite, 2nd Floor, 123 W 18th Street, New York 10011, and the show is running from the 12th - 16th of May. This venue is in a fantastic area with lots of exciting shops and restaurants, and is well known to the artwork buyers that regularly visit New York. The show will give the winning designers the chance to exhibit alongside some of the best studios and designers in the world ! 

The other judges include:  Izzy Matthews at Peagreen, James Hartley at Gather No Moss, Abby Zweifel at Pomelo & Pomelo + Andrea Turk at Cinnamon Joe Studios.

I hope you will consider entering! Details on how to enter are here!