Janna Krupinski


Based in her lovely hometown of Hamburg in the North of Germany, Janna Krupinski is an illustrator with a gift for drawing the cutest animals (among other things). Coming from a crafty household with her mom being an art teacher, Janna was always encouraged to be creative. After graduating as a Graphic Designer she had been working for several years in German advertising companies as Art Director and later as Creative Director. In 2012, Janna decided to freelance and started drawing and painting regularly again. She also started her blog “Tabula Rosi” as a playground for her creative endeavors where she shares all sorts of DIY projects.

Since taking the leap into freelancing, the focus of Janna’s work slowly but steadily shifted from advertising towards illustration. As an illustrator she is working with German greeting card companies and book publishers, had her work featured in FLOW Magazine and has also licensed her designs to clients like Design House Greetings and Demdaco.

Janna said “I like painting with gouache and sometimes watercolors, but I also work digitally and often combine both. I love doing lettering designs as well as folk-inspired work and fun characters. And I love when an illustration also tells a little story that puts a smile on people’s faces.”  It sure puts a smile on my face!