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I am so darn proud of every line, every color decision, every product, and every blog, article and press where we are mentioned! So I have decide to catalog them here:

jennifer_orkinlewis_RISDxyz2.jpg (lauren page 33)

An article in The Guardian by the author with my illustrations!

studio JNA print + pattern:

JNA agency review Alex Columbo’s :


Lauren Lowen on Alex Columbo’s blog:

JOL on Alex Columbo’s blog:

Monika's Ice Cream Matching Game @ Anthropologie!


And perhaps the nicest thing ever written about me:

FEB 2016:


Bee for Flow Weekly: 

Monica Lee's Smart Creative Women: 

Victoria Johnson:

Hi!  Below are the dates and links to my P and P Features. I can send jpegs too if you need.

I also have some interviews from a few people - including Moon from my Attic - but do you need those?  Here you go in case!  The only ones since joining you are last two on P and P - one of which is about JNA.


Ali Benyon Designs Blog  - Sept 2014


Ali Benyon Designs Blog  - Apr 2014


Gabriella Buckingham Friday Finds - Apr 2014


Moon From My Attic - Apr 2012




P and P


P&P - Dec 2012

P&P - Feb 2013

P&P - Jul 2013

P&P - Oct 2013

P&P - Dec 2013

P&P - Dec 2013

P&P - Feb 2014

P&P - Mar 2014

P&P - Apr 2014

P&P - Apr 2014

P&P - Dec 2014

P&P - Feb 2015

P&P - Feb 2015