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Breaking into the art industry can be an immense challenge. There is so much misinformation, smoke and mirrors, which seem designed to keep artists in the dark about the reality of what it takes to succeed professionally. We developed Advice for Artists in the hopes of demystifying this process. Having honest and open conversations about the industry is our mission. As part of this, we are developing educational offerings that level the playing field and provide a refreshing perspective.

I meet with artists in one-on-one consultations on a regular basis, as well as for occasional single-topic workshops and series talks. These are live-chat sessions using a video conferencing platform. If you are an artist in surface design, home decor, publishing, or editorial work and looking to learn more about the industry; or an established artist looking to advance your business and not sure how to get there, the courses listed below will help you.

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One-on-One Consulting

One-on-One Consulting | $195 | 1 hour session
This special consulting session is designed for individual artists seeking a personalized portfolio review, website and social media audit, and a personalized marketing plan. Before our session, I will have reviewed your portfolio, your website and your social media presence. This review, along with your goals for the session, will inform what we cover. You will with actionable steps towards reaching your career goals.

If you can not make the times below, please send me a note here and I will try to meet with you as early as 8am ET or as late as 4pm ET on a Friday.

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