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Breaking into the art industry can be an immense challenge. There is so much misinformation, smoke and mirrors, which seem designed to keep artists in the dark about the reality of what it takes to succeed professionally. We developed Advice for Artists in the hopes of demystifying this process. Having honest and open conversations about the industry is our mission. As part of this, we are developing educational offerings that level the playing field and provide a refreshing perspective.

I meet with artists in one-on-one consultations on a regular basis, as well as for occasional single-topic workshops and series talks. These are live-chat sessions using a video conferencing platform. If you are an artist in surface design, home decor, publishing, or editorial work and looking to learn more about the industry; or an established artist looking to advance your business and not sure how to get there, the courses listed below will help you.

Additionally, we offer a free Advice for Artists newsletter, which includes insights into issues artists typically face as well as updates on the services we provide. Stay informed by signing up today!

One-on-One Consulting

One-on-One Consulting | $195 | 1 hour session
This special consulting session is designed for individual artists seeking a personalized portfolio review, website and social media audit, and a personalized marketing plan. Before our session, I will have reviewed your portfolio, your website and your social media presence. This review, along with your goals for the session, will inform what we cover. You will with actionable steps towards reaching your career goals.

If you can not make the times below, please send me a note here and I will try to meet with you as early as 8am ET or as late as 4pm ET on a Friday.

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 I am so glad I took the one-on-one session with Jennifer. Very thankful for all the wonderful insights and advice. Thank you for identifying the gaps in my portfolio and suggesting tips. It was very important for me to get an overview of how an industry expert would view my portfolio and see if I am headed in the right direction. I now have a much clearer vision of where I want to go and what path to follow. Thank you!

I am so glad I did a one-on-one consultation with Jennifer! She gave me very specific and candid advice in the areas where I requested it, and also answered a lot of questions about the business of surface design and illustration that I was having trouble tracking down elsewhere. Also, she was very kind and relatable. I highly recommend a consultation with her, and am eager to participate in a roundtable session in the future!

Rima Tessman


Jennifer’s Jumpstart Your Marketing Efforts roundtable was an invaluable experience. It was chock full of information that I now feel I am able to act on—and move my marketing forward with more confidence. Jennifer is so friendly, open and generous with her knowledge. A joy! Thank you Jennifer!

Cynthia Jacquette

Thank you Jennifer for another amazing roundtable - Jumpstart Your Marketing Efforts was exactly what I needed after returning from my first trade show (Blueprint in NYC) and feeling a bit lost in the sea of follow ups and "now what?" questions!! You never disappoint! I am ready to roll out the next phase of my business development and inspired to create contacts confidently and well informed! I am a huge fan and highly recommend your courses - with much gratitude and appreciation!

I am beyond thrilled with the information and wisdom I gleaned from my one-on-one session with Jennifer. She listened to my concerns and addressed my questions with clear, actionable steps. I felt like I had been spinning my wheels for a while and she helped set me back on course. I now have a clearer vision and a list of to-do’s to get me there. It was well worth the time and investment. She even squeezed me into her already full schedule at the last minute. Thank you Jennifer!

Christy Mandin


Jennifer was lovely and engaging to connect with. Her love of art and coaching really shown through. Her workshop was highly motivating and gave a well rounded source of art licensing information. She even answered all my questions before I even had a chance to ask them. That was pure greatnesst! I look forward to attending more of her workshops and seeking out her intuitive advice in the future. Thank You Jennifer!

Jennifer Sabo/Jennifer Sabo Designs


Jennifer is so friendly and generous with the information she shares. It is clear that Jennifer has a passion for helping artists and the industry overall. I have walked away with a true understanding of the pricing and salary expectations in the SPD industry so I can stop second guessing myself! This is my second consultation with Jennifer and I can't recommend her highly enough! Thank you Jennifer!

Kelly Kratzing


As a newcomer to the surface design industry I found this session extremely valuable! I have been struggling to find detailed answers to my many questions regarding licensing, pricing and client expectations. Jennifer was eager and willing to share information on all aspects of the surface design industry. I appreciated her candid answers and encouraging advice. She provides great tips on pricing and contracts and for me personally, it helped me find clarity in the direction I want this side of my business to go. Thank you Jennifer!

Lisa Glanz 

Jennifer is always so generous and candid with providing information about the industry and her Pricing Tips workshop was no exception. Even as a designer who has a few years of art licensing under my belt, I still found the session extremely valuable! Not only did it confirm several of the pricing practices I already have in place, but also gave me some new negotiating tips that I'm eager to try.

Shannon McNab 

It's been a little over a year since my one-to-one consultation with Jennifer, and I just want to say how helpful it was in setting me on the right path. The feedback was so helpful to me, and I feel much more confident in my work now. A year later and I have gained many new clients and even illustrated a book due out in the fall! I can't thank her enough for her guidance, and would definitely recommend her sessions to anyone looking for fresh eyes on their portfolio or direction in terms of career!

Allie Runnion 

Thanks very much for the wealth of information shared at the Basics Workshop, Pricing Tips and Techniques for Artists. I definitely feel better prepared for BluePrint and more confident not only with pricing but with how to manage expectations for the show! The timing for the workshop was perfect, and I hope to see you in NYC in just a couple weeks!

Deborah M Payne 

Thank you for amazing talk, and for helping me to find myself in between all parts of me. Working for so many different companies almost made me loose a direction, and I am glad I can finally concentrate on what is the most important.,and hopefully move to the place I want to be. Its the best feeling in the world when you hands are "itching to start'... and its what I have at this moment. My heartfelt gratitude...
Maria van Bruggen


As always, your session on pricing was incredibly helpful! I so appreciate your nurturing spirit! You are a gem!

Teresa Barry 

I’ve been a part of both Jennifer's Business Basics Roundtable as well as a one-on-one session. Both times I felt I was given new and useful information to help my pursuit of illustration/surface design projects with more intelligence than I had before these sessions. As a career graphic designer, it can be overwhelming to learn a whole new process of contracts, pricing, project management and client interaction. Jennifer breaks these things down into manageable bits of information that provide new insight and approaches that I hadn't considered or maybe had even forgotten. Artists quickly learn that an illustration career is a highly competitive pursuit. Patience, self-confidence and knowledge of the business are key. Jennifer is an honest and supportive ally in that endeavor. A session with her is an investment in future successes. She’s a gem!

Christa Schoenbrodt


The Business Basics Roundtable was packed full of information about pursuing a career in illustration. Jennifer gave lots of insider tips, advice about what subject matters sell and how much to charge, and insight into how to grow the best portfolio for the job. The education was well worth the money!

allison strine


It was great to chat with Jennifer again. She was super generous in her advice, I went away with some great tips for moving forward

Simone Gooding


My one-to-one consultation with Jennifer was such a positive experience. Jennifer's positive feedback on my work was very helpful, she was able to give valuable feedback on my designs and social media organisation. I feel I am able to move forward by implementing her suggestions. I would highly recommend seeking out a consultation with Jennifer, it is money well spent!

Bea van der Zwaag 


I just had my consultation with Jennifer, and she is truly a pleasures to talk to, as well as very helpful and informative. Jennifer took the time to really engage with my work and gave constructive comments that I can use to move forward in my career as an illustrator. I am excited to take her input and develop new work. Thank you Jennifer!

Annie Bakst


Signing up to talk with Jennifer about my illustration career is probably one of the best decisions I've made so far. She has so much to offer in terms of industry knowledge and first hand experience working with artists, plus she's just great to talk to!! Before our talk I wasn't quite sure in which direction to head, but now I have a clear path laid out before me. Many thanks Jennifer!

Marie Hermansson 

simone gooding A year ago · 0 Likes


Such a pleasure to meet with Jennifer! she was so encouraging and positive about my body of work and I am looking forward seeing what the future holds in this amazing industry :) I would definitely recommend a consultation to anyone wanting to take the next steps in their design journey... thanks so much Jennifer!


Julia Green A year ago · 0 Likes


Jennifer provided me with so many great suggestions on improving my website and social media and really explained why I should adjust what I needed to help me gain more and more clients to my work. Her suggestions for me were very concise but easy to understand and the tasks don't seem as daunting as I thought they would be. I have clear goals to work on and I can't wait to see where my work goes with her suggestions. She was very easy to speak with which I also appreciated very very much. Thank you Jennifer!


Elizabeth Wood A year ago · 0 Likes


It was a pleasure meeting Jennifer. In one hour, I gained more clarity and insight into the illustration industry than I could spending hours trying to find answers from other resources. All of my questions were answered thoroughly in a supportive manner, and I now have solidified strategies for moving forward in my career. I highly recommend consulting with Jennifer!


Abi Hall A year ago · 0 Likes


I can't recommend a consultation session with Jennifer highly enough to any artists who are looking to take their business to the next level, or to strike out in a new direction. She answered all my questions and then some! Jennifer was full of clear practical advice, and the wealth of information that she shared was well beyond my expectations. Thank you!


Bley A year ago · 0 Likes


Another great consult with Jennifer! So happy to have the chance to learn from her experience; her encouragement and positivity about the industry is contagious!


Esther Nariyoshi A year ago · 0 Likes


I am thoroughly impressed by Jennifer's width and depth of knowledge in the industry. We chatted anywhere from exhibiting trade shows, portfolio reviews, portfolio website UX, social media strategies, to optimizing workflow, etc. Jennifer came very prepared to my particular list of questions regarding to my work. I walked away feeling encouraged and with a greater sense of clarity for next steps. Thank you so much!


Morie Clark A year ago · 0 Likes


Whew - I just finished my consultation with Jennifer and was blown away by the amount of information and direction she was able to provide in just one hour! I'm looking to really get my surface design and licensing career off the ground and was looking for some solid advice as to how to go about it, and she more than delivered. Thank you so so much!!


Beth Briggs A year ago · 0 Likes


I first reached out to Jennifer about 6 months ago to get some general insight into the world of Art Licensing. I had a fairly well established brand and was starting to receive interest from several licensing companies but had no idea how to negotiate fees, whether or not to sign exclusive contracts, what it meant to copyright my work, how to work with publishing houses, what is the difference between the stationery market vs. the home decor market vs. book illustration, etc.

After our initial consultation I reached back out to her a couple more times as I had additional, specific questions which she promptly answered via email. She has the ability to cut straight to the important information that every artist who actually wants to make a living needs to know! She literally saved me thousands of dollars, not to mention time, which enabled me to confidently negotiate several licensing opportunities.

Jennifer's best advice can be summed up in this quote: "Stand firm, believe in your worth."

Thank you, Jennifer!


Trixia A year ago · 0 Likes


My 1-on-1 consultation with Jennifer was so helpful & encouraging! She gave me candid feedback on my portfolio & social media management, and highlighted areas to be improved as well as my strengths. It was great to have my work assessed by someone with so much experience & industry knowledge. We came up with a list of clear, doable goals & tasks that I'm excited to work on. Thanks so much Jennifer!


Patti Blau A year ago · 0 Likes


I really enjoyed my consultation with Jennifer. Thank you! It was so informative and positive! I feel empowered and eager to approach the next steps of my illustration career. I learned what changes I can make to my website and how to best organize and sell my work. We also spoke about time management and what needs to get done in the upcoming months. Her knowledge of the industry is invaluable! It's a great opportunity to have a meeting with Jennifer, and in addition to recommending it highly to others, I will look forward to a future meeting as I continue on the journey. Thanks again!


brenda A year ago · 0 Likes


What wonderful insight and advice Jennifer gives for anyone looking to work in the industry of Surface Pattern Design. Jennifers knowledge as an agent with a background as an Art Director is truly helpful. Everything was explained clearly and has given me a new direction and inspiration to change it up a little. She was so helpful in looking at my work and creating a more cohesive display while adding a variety of work that is sellable. Our meeting was also a way to get focused on what needed to be done next and set an accountable approach to moving forward with the next stages of my business. I am in the process of redoing my web page and with Jennifer going over my work it has allowed me the correct way to make it appealing to clients that will visit my page. The whole hour was dedicated to my needs and I find this a great approach when purchasing a consultation with anyone. I'm looking forward to the changes and thank you for all the wonderful advice!


Alexis A year ago · 0 Likes


I had an amazing meeting with Jennifer! She helped me to see how I could create specific work to strengthen and build my editorial and surface design portfolios. She is easy to talk to and connect with, friendly and down to earth, and right off the bat she put me at ease. She made me feel like she respected and saw my artwork clearly, so I felt like I was getting helpful feedback to make my whole "thing" stronger and more marketable, and not at all like someone was trying to make me fit into a slot I don't fit into. Instead, it felt like feedback that I could use to level up in a meaningful and marketable way for my own work and style. Our meeting gave me a lot of insight into actionable next steps I can take with my artwork, with my website, and with my marketing, and I love that I have a LOT to work on right now! It feels nice to know that the focus I'm going to put on these things is the RIGHT focus, and I'm excited to get started! Thank you Jennifer!


Joan Herlinger A year ago · 0 Likes


Jennifer gave me really good, practical advice on how best to edit and improve my website portfolio and instagram. I'm planning on making the changes she recommended and I am looking forward to doing a further session in the future as I work towards my goal of working as an illustrator. It was an extremely informative and enjoyable hour.


Corinne A year ago · 0 Likes


I'm transiting from my interior design career to that of a full time artist and spoke with Jennifer in a One to One consultation. It was a fast hour, full of her spot on insights, creative advice, musings, energy, encouragement and practical business planning. In the month since we've spoken, it's clear Jennifer's impacted my outlook and my work!

With her coaching, I now have the beginnings of a path and my goals will take shape as I move forward. I'm no longer trying to figure out 'what I want to do'. I'm now doing it!

If you want a burst of fresh vision for your art practice or business, talk with Jennifer. Her experience is so broad and deep that she's able to hone in on YOUR particular moment. Oh-- and she really listens :-)

Thank you Jennifer!

Best, Corinne



Alisa Bloom A year ago · 0 Likes


My 1-hour consultation with Jennifer was extremely productive and helpful. Her feedback was detailed and helped me think of some new ways to improve my entrepreneurial creativity. Jennifer's guidance is invaluable to anyone seeking professional advice for their illustration portfolio or creative business in general. – AB


Shannon A year ago · 1 Like


I had a design request come in and felt completely out of my depth when quoting for the project, so I immediately contacted Jennifer for help. Since both our busy schedules couldn't accommodate a live consultation, we opted for contract coaching via email instead. She give me a list of important questions to ask and provided detailed input based on their answers. Then, we calculated a rate that was more than double what I had originally planned on asking for and I'm happy to say that the client has just agreed to the rate. I am so incredibly thankful for Jennifer's insights!


Katherine 2 years ago · 0 Likes


My one-on-one consultation with Jennifer was one of my first steps in the new year to help grow my business. As a solo-preneur I think it’s really vital to get some outside perspective and advice and Jennifer did just that in a wonderfully kind way. She helped me narrow in on some actions I could take to get my work in front of people and helped me organize my goals. Even having her tell me what I didn't need to worry about was helpful and gave me a boost of confidence. Jennifer’s a great resource for working artists and designers!


Margaret 2 years ago · 0 Likes


Jennifer gave wonderful feedback on my portfolio and how to expand my clientele from editorial/advertising into surface design. She was specific, enthusiastic, and completely helpful!


Sanne 2 years ago · 0 Likes


The session gave me so much positive energy! The advise and feedback where so welcome. I love the hands on mentality. I have a clear sight now and ideas of how to grow. So thankful!


JamjJamie Bennett 2 years ago · 0 Likes


As an editorial artist looking to break into the surface design market, I found my session with Jennifer Nelson invaluable.

She has so much experience in this market and was very generous about sharing tips and advice.

I now feel I have a clear idea of how to proceed.

I feel very excited after talking to Jennifer and motivated to produce more work geared towards this type of illustration.


Tasha Goddard 2 years ago · 0 Likes


I would highly recommend a session with Jennifer. She's given me some really useful advice about how to adjust my portfolio so that it shows what it needs to show art directors. She also gave me some very helpful social media and marketing advice and helped me understand the markets that my work is particularly suited to. (Essentially, she answered all the questions I had in depth and with extra tips I hadn't thought to ask about.)

I have come away from our session with a massive confidence boost, a renewed energy and some manageable focused tasks to address in order to move forward.

Thank you!


Mimi Mangrum Numer 2 years ago · 0 Likes


Though some time has passed since my wonderful one-on-one session with Jennifer,

I’m trying to re-focus on making my dreams come true— and I made the time to pick up the notes from our time together again. They still pack as powerful a punch as they did when we initially met.

Though she did take the time to review some work I sent her and give me some positive and honest feedback, she spent the majority of our session giving me actual steps to take based off of my individual situation.

Meaning—if I have x amount of time NOT at my part time job during the week, spend x amount of time doing THESE specific things. She gave me a real-world breakdown of what kind of artwork buyers are looking for, which meant a lot coming from someone with her level of experience.

Since I have a lot of ideas and get excited about things—I feel like she was patient enough to listen to my thoughts, then help me to cut through the clutter and focus on the main things that would work as tools to get me on the straightest path to my goals.

It was an extremely valuable time, and even though it’s taken me a long time to pick back up on those projects we talked about—I get excited all over again reading over the notes I took during our session, and it feels ‘doable’.

She has a spirit of confidence and knowledge that will inspire you and wake up your own confidence powers!

I highly recommend a one-on-one with Jennifer if you want someone to shoot you straight and help you whittle down your thoughts to clearer goals. Thank you again, Jennifer, for all that you do!! — Mimi Mangrum Numer


Mel Armstrong 2 years ago · 0 Likes


I'm so thankful that I took up the opportunity to chat with Jennifer. She is so lovely and so helpful in giving some great advice on many areas of my career and her positivity towards my work has given me the confidence to keep going and put myself out there more. It's also nice to know she's there if I need her in the future with negotiating contracts or if I have any questions. I highly recommend having a session with her no matter where you are in your career. Thank you so much Jennifer!


Beth Briggs 2 years ago · 0 Likes


I'm so glad I reached out to Jennifer for a consultation! She helped me with guidelines pertaining to a potential licensing negotiation and also reviewed my website and social media platforms with an eye for attracting Art Directors. She even helped me structure my time to make every hour of my work week count. As an artist I'm already working hard but it's more important to work smart! I highly recommend Jennifer's services.


May Leong 2 years ago · 0 Likes


Jennifer is nice, genuine & professional. She shared her insights & feedback on making my art appealing to Art Directors & how to pitch to them. I am very appreciative of her practical inputs & suggestions. I would highly recommend her consulting service to any artists who would like to move forward & progress in their creative career.


Laura 2 years ago · 0 Likes


My one on one session with Jennifer was exactly what I needed! She reviewed my portfolio and gave me some great advice to improve on my current designs and collections. She answered so many questions I had relating to my artwork and business in general. She also reviewed my website and gave me some great advice for some improvements! I was feeling a little stuck before we met, and now I feel so much more ready and able to move forward from here! Jennifer helped me to understand where I currently am, and what steps I need to take to get to where I want to go. Thank you so much Jennifer!!!


Katherine 2 years ago · 0 Likes


I had a one on one session with Jennifer and it was so great, she gave me clarity on how I should move forward to find work and maybe an agent. She was very kind and caring and it was really good to get sound down to earth advice from someone who knows what they are doing. I would recommend anyone who needs a little nudge or advice to get in touch with Jennifer. She is so lovely and helpful! thank you Jennifer! :)


Kate 2 years ago · 0 Likes


I am so happy to have had this session with Jennifer. She was so positive about my work and gave me lots of practical information about how to make my website more attractive to art directors and how to make myself more marketable. She is very kind and genuine and I came away with a six month plan to help me move forward and follow my dream of becoming a surface pattern designer. I feel much more confident about my work now as a result of our session and after speaking to her I feel that I am moving in the right direction. Thank you Jennifer! :)


Victoria Mlady 2 years ago · 0 Likes


My consult with Jennifer was incredibly helpful and on-point. She got right down to business and offered me resources, feedback and insight from her breadth of experience in the industry. I am a newbie in this field, but have a fairly good foundation in place upon which to build. Jennifer's consultation was timely in that I feel I can comfortably plan those "next steps" and avoid poking around in the dark with the possibility of bumping into something big and dangerous :). She is kind, cheerful, busy and very supportive of artists. I appreciate the energy she put into my time with her and can recommend her consultation to anyone seeking to branch into the surface design/pattern licensing field. Thank you, Jennifer!!


christine anderson 2 years ago · 0 Likes


Soooo glad I finally booked my consult with Jennifer.I am extremely grateful for her input and direction and am confident I have a good grasp on where I am heading. She is so incredibly generous with her knowledge and expertise. Her passion for this business gives me confidence to keep pushing on. The peace of mind I have now since our consult is priceless :)


Rhiannon Pettie 2 years ago · 0 Likes


Couldn't recommend a session with Jennifer highly enough. You will finish the session with more industry insight, questions answered, feedback given, plans made. Jennifer is so kind and generous with both her time and information. She is genuine, authentic and full of passion for this industry. Go for it because you won't regret it!


Meghann Rader 2 years ago · 0 Likes


I’m so glad I took the plunge and booked my appointment with Jennifer! I’ve been fumbling my way through contract negotiations and Jennifer really helped me create a game plan for approaching prospective work. I feel so much more confident knowing what questions I should be asking and how to make sure all of my bases are covered going into a project. It was also just great to get her feedback on my work. She is such a professional and had so many great suggestions to set me on the road to success. And she's really nice too!!

Thanks so much Jennifer!

-Meghann Rader


Dawn Stratchko 2 years ago · 0 Likes


Jennifer is an outstanding art agent and consultant. I have waited a very long time for someone to review my art work and Jennifer has guided me on a clear path that is realistic and how I can refine my path towards art business success. I would highly recommend Jennifer Nelson to any artist that wants to be a successful artist. It is worth every penny to meet with her.

~Dawn Stratchko


Kerrie Satava 2 years ago · 0 Likes


Hands down the money I have spent with Jennifer Nelson is the best investment I have made in my business by far. Between her amazing Prep Talk webinars and an awesome one-on-one consultation, I am more than prepared for my BluePrint Show debut next month. She is such a kind generous person with a wealth of knowledge to share, who honestly wants every artists to succeed. I was so nervous to take the next the step and exhibit in New York, but with Jennifer's guidance I now feel excited and ready to go. If you have questions about your art business or are thinking about taking this next big step, I would highly recommend a consultation with Jennifer Nelson, you won't regret it! -Kerrie Satava


J. Crum 2 years ago · 0 Likes


Jennifer gave me clarity on what this industry takes and tailored this information specifically to where I am at in my 12 year career. She gave me steps to take that I can start planning with and acting on today. She also awakened me to the realities I suspected about this career path. I really loved talking with her! She is so helpful and realistic about goals and creating a plan.


Mia Whittemore 2 years ago · 0 Likes


I have been trying to figure out how to bring my art business to the next level and Jennifer shared so much great and practical information! She suggested areas of my portfolio to strengthen, provided marketing advice, and discussed time management strategies. After our conversation, I made a to-do list that will guide my work for the coming months and I feel invigorated to take these next steps! Thank you so much for your wonderful advice, Jennifer!


Eloise Narrigan 3 years ago · 0 Likes


I asked Jennifer for help with quoting a job and she was absolutely indispensable. She responded quickly, gave me great questions to ask, and ensured that I wasn't under-pricing myself and that I went in to the negotiation confident in the price I was quoting. The best part: the client accepted the price and we signed the contract yesterday! This assignment is exactly where I want to head in my career, and I know that I'm putting my best, most professional foot forward with Jennifer's help and awesome advice.

As artists and freelancers, it can often feel like we need to know and handle everything ourselves, but Jennifer has excellent experience and insight to share. If you've been thinking about a session, do it; it's worth it!


Lizzie Clark 3 years ago · 0 Likes


Another wonderful Prep Talk yesterday. I always leave with at least one nugget (or more) of wisdom and/or actionable advice. Most days I feel like I'll pull of this Surtex adventure, and much credit and thanks go to Jennifer! She's genuine and approachable. And generous - with her time, suggestions, encouagement and support. Can't say enough. . .


christa 3 years ago · 0 Likes


I've had the sheer pleasure of connecting with Jennifer Nelson multiple times, in a one-on-one session, through several webinars and briefly in person. As an artist and business person, I found the connection to be incredibly helpful not only as a motivating force for creativity but also in learning how to refine and develop a smart business plan. She's got her fingers on the pulse of the latest trends and her eyes wide open for the trends ahead. Nelson’s wisdom of the various methods of negotiation in the art licensing business and how to navigate through them all is coupled with a deep respect for artists’ challenges of insecurities about their work and worth, our need to make a living and not feel taken advantage of, and the sometimes hard reality of the patience and sacrifice required in succeeding in this competitive market. I have felt lifted up and smarter with every interaction I’ve had with her. Whether seeking a critique of your work or dealing with a challenging business decision, I highly recommend reaching out to her for advice. If you are just beginning your journey with art licensing or have been on the path a good long time, she will guide you with utmost care, enthusiasm and honesty—three traits that she blends beautifully. Thank you, Jennifer!


Leticia Plate 3 years ago · 0 Likes


Thank you Jennifer! Such a good one-on-one session: personalized suggestions, answers to burning questions and great feedback. I can’t wait to use all the info you gave me. Thanks for sharing your knowledge of the business!


Mye De Leon 3 years ago · 0 Likes


I was very confused with some terms in my agreement and I wanted someone to help me figure those things out. Jennifer was the perfect person to talk to and she gave me advice that I have never thought I will be able to use in negotiating to get the terms better. Everything worked out really great and I cannot be happier. I will highly recommend getting her services if you are new in the art industry or even if you are a seasoned artist and you can't seem to figure out how to get paid better for your artwork. She'll definitely help! Thanks, Jennifer! You were awesome!


Eva Chatelain 3 years ago · 0 Likes


Sooo happy with the session I had with Jennifer today.

I can feel she knows what she's talking about, and she brings a fresh perspective to my work, while being very kindly and supportive.

I already put some of her wise advice into practice, and I can feel it is the right way to go.

Can't wait to carry on working on my portfolio !

Thanks again, Jennifer !


Elizabeth Todd 3 years ago · 0 Likes


I can't say enough about the time I spent doing a one-on-one session with Jennifer this morning. Because she is such a talented curator and art director combined with smart business woman, I received a wholistic appraisal of my art, business approach and my presence in the marketplace. This by far has been the most value I have received for the money spent on any education and services I have invested in my business. Whether you are in the earlier stages of establishing yourself or are a seasoned professional, the feedback is priceless! Jennifer provided really smart recommendations for improving my efficiency and process, as well as helping me to see my website and social media from different points of view. I am walking away with "nuggets of gold" that are easy to implement and will make a big impact on my strategy going forward. All this is delivered by a caring professional who is genuinely interested in helping artists navigate towards their success. So helpful! Thank you Jennifer! I will be back!


Reinette van Lennep 3 years ago · 0 Likes


Jennifer gave me this afternoon splendid advice on how to cope with my website which is under construction and other questions I had about how to get into the world of SPD. You were really helpfull and so kind to share it all!

Thank you!!!! So nice to talk to someone who is involved and actually listens.

I would recommend these sessions to everyone who is "searching".


Sophie Dufresne 3 years ago · 0 Likes


My one on one session with Jennifer this morning was just wonderful! We talked about how to organize my website, social media/newsletter strategies, and also avenues for my work. I wanted a realistic view of my career options and practical advice. After one hour came out with a clear picture and plan for the weeks to come. I highly recommend talking with Jennifer if you need some clarity. In a warm and caring way she generously shares her knowledge so that we have the best tools to succeed!


Kat Uno 3 years ago · 0 Likes


I'd been seriously considering going into licensing/selling my artwork but I wanted to get a clear idea if I would be able to make a go at it. Having Jennifer there to give me an honest assessment, tips on what I can do to start immediately was life changing. I have the confidence, and a plan, to start this new journey! She is so kind, genuine and honest I would highly recommend consulting with her if you have any doubts about your portfolio or how to pursue a career in art licensing!


Megan 3 years ago · 0 Likes


Jennifer was very helpful and had a lot of great information in the Advertising for Tradeshows live Prep Talk. While I had an inkling about the aspects of advertising for a show, I was really happy to have my thoughts confirmed or even changed because of the talk. I'm so glad I invested in it! It was a small class and it's really nice to have others ask questions, too. I feel invigorated and less apprehensive about all that goes into advertising for a trade show now.


Alison Kolesar 3 years ago · 0 Likes


I just took part in my first Surtex Prep Talk and found it extremely helpful. I came away knowing that I have a lot of work to do in the next few months, but that it is doable. Jennifer is so approachable and friendly. At the same time she's very clear-eyed about the business side of this industry. She's generous with her knowledge and she wants us to succeed!


Ashely Peifer 3 years ago · 0 Likes


Talking with Jennifer over Skype about the future of my paintings and patterns was beyond helpful. She is so kind and offered me advice on things like tweaks to make to my logo and website, market insight, ways to schedule my week, and how to approach creative directors. I can't say enough good things about Jennifer and the 80ish minutes we spent chatting. Overall a wonderful and productive experience!


Shannon McNab 3 years ago · 0 Likes


After participating in several of the Prep Talk sessions, which are full of practical advice for first time exhibitors, I scheduled a one-on-one call with Jennifer to discuss my portfolio to make sure I'm on the right track for Surtex next May. Not only is she generous with her time and knowledge, but she's wonderfully kind and very easy to talk to. She gave me practical, easy-to-implement suggestions on how to improve certain pieces in my portfolio and her advice has given me a clearer idea of how to develop new work that will be more appealing to buyers. If you're feeling uncertain about where you are in the industry and need a gentle guiding hand to steer you in the right direction, then a chat with Jennifer is exactly what you need!


Lizzie C. 3 years ago · 0 Likes


Another stellar Prep Talk from Jennifer. These talks are doing a great job of sharing important details to get me ready for my Surtex adventure. And the monthly format allows me to make a ToDo list for the most current topic - and sometimes even check some things off!


Amanda Letscher 3 years ago · 0 Likes


Jennifer is super woman! She is incredibly accessible and welcoming to reach out to for advice, even though she runs her own agency! I don't know how she does it! We had a wonderful hour conversation about my artwork, marketing, and career goals. She gave me really useful insights and tips that will surely help me get new work in the design world. It was most definitely worth every second and if you need advice from an expert in creative direction and liscensing, this is the place!


Kagan Byron 3 years ago · 0 Likes


Spending time with Jennifer was such a pleasure! With warmth and encouragement she offered me the perspective I needed to see my work in a new way. What I value most from our time together is the sense of focus I felt when it was over. Whether it's working with a group in an online workshop or one on one for a consult, Jennifer has a knack for giving you a clear idea of what you need to do and how to do it. I felt so motivated when our session ended that I immediately began working on the things we talked about. If you're not sure where you're at as an artist or maybe want some direction about how to take the next steps in your career a consult with Jennifer is exactly what you need. You definitely won't be disappointed!


Lori 3 years ago · 0 Likes


What an absolutely wonderful experience! Jennifer helped me with organizing my portfolio and website, making a social media and networking plan and planning a weekly work schedule. I can't tell you how much it means to me; it has been exactly the kind of guidance I have needed. Her advice and feedback were invaluable and I truly enjoyed our session together. Thank you Jennifer! :)


Catalina Villegas 3 years ago · 0 Likes


Just finished my one hour Skype consultation. What an eye opening experience! Jennifer is such a pro and such a sweetheart. Now I know exactly what steps I need to take in order to make my work go from good to great. I highly recommend it if you are an artist and are feeling a little stuck. Thank you Jennifer! <3


Denise Holmes 3 years ago · 0 Likes


I was feeling a little stuck and not sure what I needed to do, so I decided to treat myself to a Skype session --- and it turns out it was just the thing that I needed. It was so great to "meet" Jennifer and get her personal advice about my work and for her share all her incredible knowledge. The advice and recommendations that I received was so helpful, that I ended the session feeling super excited and ready to take on the world! Thank you Jennifer for being so generous!


Janna 3 years ago · 0 Likes


Talking to Jennifer was one of the smartest business decisions I have ever made. I can only join the praise in the comments before. Apart from expert advice about tricky contract details she also generously shared invaluable business insights - which was extremely helpful because this kind of information is hard to to come by.

The second part of our Skype session was dedicated to portfolio issues and my lack of focus.

With practical tips on how to build a strong portfolio paired with smart marketing advice, she managed to put me back on track. She also boosted my confidence and helped me to regain focus and motivation - which I can’t thank her enough for.

In case you ever need guidance or advice from an expert who also happens to be an honest, warm and engaging person - Jennifer is the person to talk to!


Kerrie Satava 3 years ago · 0 Likes


Love the Prep Talk format! Just finished session 2 and took a ton of notes. Lots of great information that is hard to find anywhere else. Jennifer is so open and honest it is truly refreshing. I now have a solid plan to start preparing artwork for May and I am definitely looking forward to the next session "Planning Your Booth" in November.


Lizzie C. 3 years ago · 0 Likes


Another stellar Prep Talks session - this one on Artwork. As usual, Jennifer offered great information, and it was rounded out by the other attendees who shared some of their tips, techniques and questions that elicited additional gems from Jennifer. . .highly recommend jumping on for a future session - next one is Nov. 2!


Feena Brooks 3 years ago · 0 Likes


Spending an hour on a skype consultation with Jennifer was best decision I could possibly have made for my design career. The warmth and generosity with which Jennifer shared her vast knowledge was incredible. She left me with a three page task list, a clear direction for my work and regained confidence in my abilities in this competitive industry. I can't thank her enough and wouldn't hesitate to recommend.


Lizzie C. 3 years ago · 0 Likes


Just finished Prep Talks Session #1 - great information shared and some unintentional teasers for future sessions. . .if you're thinking, at all, about going to a trade show next year, I recommend taking a look at PREP TALKS!


Victoria Krylov 3 years ago · 0 Likes


Jennifer is a super warm and engaging person who is full of priceless business advice which is impossible to find anywhere on your own if you are starting out as an artist. She was an absolute pleasure to meet, and she opened my eyes to all the things that are a must for successful artists who want to grow their career proactively, not just wait for things to happen to them. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Courtney Keller 3 years ago · 0 Likes


I consulted with Jennifer in order to define a path toward my goal. I juggle a freelance career and being a solo mom. Promoting my illustration and surface pattern design is a new experience for me, and after our very enjoyable discussion, I finally feel that instead of guessing what my next steps should be! I have pages of notes that make up a plan for the rest of my 2016. Thank you Jennifer for helping me to steer my ship in the right direction! Ahoy!


Lisa Kirkbride 3 years ago · 0 Likes


Following my Skype consultation with Jennifer I feel I have new focus and a plan of attack! We talked everything from agents to my portfolio, website, promotion, social media and time management - the hour flew by! Jennifer is warm, easy to talk to and generous with her knowledge and expertise. I left the session with actions to put in place and I'm eager to start implementing them and see where it takes me. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a one-to-one consultation and wish I'd done it sooner.


Jamie Kalvestran 3 years ago · 0 Likes


Just finished my Skype consultation with Jennifer and it was amazing. She was prepared and familiar with all the information I'd sent her. I now have very specific direction and goals for moving forward with my art licensing business. So grateful for this opportunity. Many thanks to Jennifer!


Paige Burkham 3 years ago · 0 Likes


My Skype consultation with Jennifer was exactly what I hoped it would be: insightful with direct takeaways on how to reach my future goals as a surface designer. A week after and I have already seen payoff from her knowledge and experience. Highly recommended.


Amy Cohas 3 years ago · 0 Likes


This morning I had my Skype consultation with Jennifer and I am so glad that I did. She helped me take a much-needed step back to look at my work as a whole, which yielded some really encouraging observations and well as a good sense of what steps to take next in developing my portfolio. She is warm, genuine, and full of very practical advice. I highly recommend having a session with her!


Staci Leech-Cornell 3 years ago · 0 Likes


Last week I had the great pleasure of receiving a one-on-one portfolio critique/review and an overall general consultation with Jennifer Nelson. I have to say that going in I was a bit nervous because I have been working alone in my studio since college and haven't actually had an official critique since those years. She immediately put my silly nerves at ease with her warmth and charm. Her shared information was invaluable and the time spent is something I will always cherish. Not only did she prepare me for my next steps I should proceed in taking, she also prepared me in what steps I can expect to be taking in the very near future, helping to cement my career goals. Jennifer knows the surface design business amazingly well and confidently provided me with more skills to help me in marketing, social media, and more. She also provided my target areas that lead more strengthen and very complimentary of the areas in my work she admired. Any artist would benefit by investing their time with Jennifer. Thank you Jennifer for taking the time to meet with me! - Staci Leech-Cornell


Rachel Ashton 3 years ago · 0 Likes


Jennifer’s Modern Thrive Workshop “How To Get An Agent (And Do I Really Need One?)” is a wonderful resource that provides answers to the many, many general questions you may have as a working artist, but if you feel as though you would benefit from a personal consultation tailored to you and your career, then I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a one-to-one consultation.

I initially approached Jennifer for advice about a contract renegotiation and pricing, which she straightened out for me quickly and simply in practical terms. (I almost wonder why I was so worried now!) Going into this consultation I had a vague idea of what I still needed to do to work towards my future career goals, but Jennifer helped to solidify those ideas into concrete targets and threw in plenty of surprise suggestions that I was more than happy to take on board! As someone who works alone and who has never received a professional portfolio critique, I was a little nervous - but there was no need. Jennifer was lovely. Her honesty was refreshing. She was both complimentary and constructively critical of my work in such a way that it was impossible to take it personally. Now I can't wait to see how my art improves following her advice!

Following our conversation I now have a clear understanding of my current strengths and weaknesses, the overall marketability of my work, and clear, actionable short-term and long-term goals to help me make new and existing pieces of work more marketable.


Jennifer was so generous with her knowledge. She’s so kind, friendly, approachable, and encouraging that now I won’t hesitate to contact her again if I have a quick question or a celebratory update!

I’m so grateful that you took the time to meet with me, Jennifer. Thank you so much!


Solvejg 3 years ago · 0 Likes


My session with Jennifer was SO constructive and helpful! I have a lot of work to do, but I'm ready to get to it with the insights I gained today. Jennifer's knowledge stretches from websites to social media to marketing and beyond! I can warmly recommend any surface design artist to meet with Jennifer! Thank you so much, Jennifer!


Stephanie Hofmann 3 years ago · 0 Likes


I had a follow up session to my first session 6 months ago with Jennifer and it was so helpful. She has given me new focus in a compassionate, kind and competent way and I feel excited about starting on all the ideas she has given me on how to grow my business and progress from here! Thank you so much, Jennifer!


Shannon Hays 3 years ago · 0 Likes


My one-on-one meeting with Jennifer was every bit as productive as I hoped it would be. She was approachable, engaging, and so easy to talk to. I could have picked her brain for hours! I came away from our session filled with the excitement of possibility, renewed energy and concrete steps for taking my business to the next level. She even gave me homework and a deadline. I highly recommend Jennifer for anyone needing honest opinions and sound business advice.


Lisa Baudry 3 years ago · 0 Likes


Brilliant practical business advice. I loved Jennifer's honesty and willingness to share some of her professional experience in terms of marketing for artists via social media, how to improve my website and up-to-date industry knowledge on what markets and types of work are needed in surface design. I look forward to implementing her advice soon! Lisa Baudry


Angelika Uliczka 3 years ago · 0 Likes


If you ever need advice or guidance on a project or portfolio I highly recommend consulting with Jennifer. She offers very helpful expert advice. She does it in a wonderfully friendly way and is amazingly responsive. I felt very fine, because Jennifer is so easy to talk & relate to. I am from Germany and English is not my first language. I am glad I found Jennifer on Facebook. It's amazing how much I've learned for an hour. She walked me through my examples of my artistic work, website, social media + LinkedIn. I won't hesitate to contact Jennifer again if I need any advice! I loved her honest, helpful feedback! Many thanks Jennifer!! I am definitely encouraged. Today I started with a floral subject with hand lettering – soon on Instagram!

Warmly greetings from Germany

Angelika Uliczka


Leigh Jacobs 3 years ago · 0 Likes


Jennifer is a thoughtful, knowledgable mentor to artists creating their own professional practices. She gave me advice that was pointed and will help me organize my time as I proceed. She is delightful to talk with, and I would recommend her consulting services to anyone serious about moving their business forward.


Renee Gauvin 3 years ago · 0 Likes


I'm a bit teary eyed in a happy way because of the hope and encouragement that Jennifer has given me. She is delightful, super smart, responsive and thoughtful. She has given me a plan, specific to my needs with clear time management tools. I know now how to prioritize my projects, how to present them, what the market is looking for, how to use my existing pieces of art and make them more marketable and how to promote myself.

We talked about how freelance artists, are often working alone and how important it is to stay connected with the art world and to find things to inspire us (even if it is just walking around Target to see

new displays and colors).

We laughed a little and I could have talked for hours. She can come to my house any old time!


Adrienne Kerr 3 years ago · 0 Likes


I just want to say how thankful and grateful I am to Jennifer for my skype time today, the session just flew by and was so enjoyable too! Jennifer is so easy to talk & relate to. I was feeling at yet another crossroad with my work in progress and Jennifer's session was just what I needed to help me evaluate where I am at present and how I should be moving forward with my work and time management.

I am so glad to have made contact with Jennifer and hope that I will be able to approach her again in the future! Huge thanks Jennifer

Best Regards

Adrienne Kerr :-)


Katie Webb 3 years ago · 0 Likes


Jennifer was the spark plug we needed to get things going! We had been searching for what direction to take next and she was just what we needed to help guide us in a new direction. I loved her honest, helpful feedback! Worth every penny and will definitely do this again in the future! Many thanks Jennifer!!

Katie Webb

Happy Day Art


Candy Troy 3 years ago · 0 Likes


Candy Troy

Just finished a great Skype session with Jennifer and feel reinspired and redirected in my art enterprises! I have just created a takeaway sheet with ideas inspired by our time and set goals moving forward which will benefit both the licensing and wholesale areas of our business! Her newsletter idea was especially practical as a way of connecting with art directors as well as our current wholesale customers. How fun to be able to do what delights me and keep learning and growing as an artist!

Candy Troy

Happy Day Art


Bianca Pozzi 3 years ago · 0 Likes


Even thought I did Jennifer's Modern Thrive Workshop I knew I could benefit even more with one skype session with her. And I was right! I needed a specialist's review of my portfolio and also needed to get some directions because I work all by myself and sometimes this industry can be a bit overwhelming for a beginner like me! Jennifer is so kind and patient, an provided me some very clear feedback and gave me confidence that I can't wait to start working on everything we discussed. Well, I had the consultation today and has already started to work on that :) Thank you so much Jennifer for being so kind and share so much .


Amy Frazer 3 years ago · 0 Likes


Just had my one on one Skype session with Jennifer! She is just so thoughtful and insightful! She gave me some really great insights on my website, a few adjustments to make, and a few concrete steps to take before the Surtex Show next week. Our conversation really helped to set my mind straight for the week ahead. Gave me some great insider tips about the industry too. Thank you Jennifer!!! I truly appreciate your advice and positivity! Amy


Linda Bronson 3 years ago · 0 Likes


I just got off the phone with Jennifer...I scheduled a Q and A with her and it was the best possible investment I could've made in my art career! She is so warm and lovely and easy to talk to...I had so many things swirling in my head...what to do next..?.direction for my work...? social media how to...? finding potential clients.?..on and on and she was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable and I now feel centered with a clear path!! Hurray!!! Thank you! Thank you Jennifer!!!


Rebecca Canale 3 years ago · 0 Likes


Wow! I am so grateful for Jennifer! Our consultation exceeded my expectations! She was well prepared in knowing my work, my website and social media. Jennifer understood who I am as an artist and really helped me put new goals in place. She was genuine and thorough. I am so glad I met with her. Our meeting was just what I needed to clarify my next steps. I'm super excited to put those goals in place as I continue to create and share as an artist. If you are considering a consultation with Jennifer, I'd say go for it ... you will be smiling too! Thanks Jennifer! :))


Rosi Kara 3 years ago · 0 Likes


I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart to Jennifer! It is difficult to find words as to describe how I feel after talking with her but definitely encouraged, flying like a bird! It's amazing how much I've learned for an hour. I won't hesitate to contact Jennifer again if I need any advice!


Angel Gerardo 3 years ago · 0 Likes


Find me the tallest building, I’ll climb to the top and sing praises about Jennifer for all to hear!

By the end of my Skype consult I was buzzing with creative energy, excited to put Jennifer’s suggested actions into play.

She walked me through my website, social media + LinkedIn and gave clear, unbiased advice about my strengths and weaknesses with examples. This was especially helpful, as I tend to be a visual learner. She also cheerfully answered my questions, helped prioritize plans and shared wordage to use in client communication.

I highly recommend Jennifer to any artist in need of career advice. She’s generous with her knowledge and passionate about the industry. I feel I have a champion in my corner and am excited to connect with Jennifer again.


Francesca 3 years ago · 0 Likes


When I needed some help with a contract, Jennifer was the first person I thought of to help me get to the bottom of it. She replied straight away, presenting me with various options and walking me through the negotiation step by step. Everything was worked out perfectly and Jennifer helped me get a good price for my work. Couldn't have done it without her. Thanks Jennifer!


Sophie Dufresne 3 years ago · 0 Likes


If you ever need advice or guidance on a project, portfolio, or contract negotiation, I highly recommend consulting with Jennifer. I couldn't be happier with my experience. Not only does she offer super helpful expert advice, she does it in a wonderfully friendly way and is amazingly responsive.


Samantha Shirley 3 years ago · 0 Likes


Miss Jennifer...

I can’t express how wonderful it is to have a resource like yourself who is willing to help other artists who are outside your agency. Especially when it comes to those burning one-on-one type questions that every artist wants (and needs) to know. I’m sure that each of us hopes that our art is good enough, that our style is original and marketable. While we are reassured by family and friends, it’s not the same as an objective and expert opinion.

I can not thank you enough for taking the time to chat with me. I have been struggling with such questions and the real possibility that I may never find those answers. Self-representation can be so time consuming that many times it feels overwhelming and much like a hamster spinning in circles… Not knowing if I’m actually moving towards a goal or if that goal is even attainable.

I’m so thankful I stumbled onto your How to Get an Agent (And do I really need one?) workshop. After years of plugging away on my own, it has shown me that finding an agent is the right next step for me, how to proceed and how to attract more attention and make my work more desirable in the meanwhile. But honestly, it’s your one-on-one advice that has been most valuable. It has given me the confidence of knowing that my handpainted artwork is good and has the potential to be licensable. Something I was unsure about until now.

Being a family on a single (reliable) income, I can definitely say it was worth every cent and more. Some answers are simply priceless. Xo


Randi at Moon and Skye 3 years ago · 0 Likes


The meeting I had with Jennifer was even better than I imagined. She is so warm and friendly and answered all my questions. Jennifer is a wealth of information with such passion for what she does. She has great insight and as a result, I came away very motivated, with lots of notes and a definitive plan for myself.


carol Lelivelt 4 years ago · 0 Likes


I had a wonderful and very productive discussion with Jennifer! Her advice was practical, easy to understand, and delivered in such an encouraging way. We talked about reworking my website to make it more concise and easier to navigate, and also strategies for getting the most out of Instagram and LinkedIn. In this digital age, I feel my focus gets so blurred by everything competing for attention. Jennifer helped me to zone in on what is important right now for moving my business forward. I definitely recommend seeking out her advice. Just make sure to have your questions all lined up and ready to go because the hour goes by fast!


Nadia Hassan 4 years ago · 0 Likes


Not only is Jennifer truly delightful to talk to - warm, attentive, and understanding - her advice is worth every penny. I was thrilled to get some nitty-gritty, practical tips along with big-picture input that helped me focus my direction. There was nothing vague or generic about the insights that she shared during our Skype session - it was all new-to-me, noteworthy information. In the surface design world, many of us are navigating this wonderful but sometimes scary and uncertain career journey all by ourselves - reaching out to an experienced pro was one of the smarter things I have done in a while. For those of you worried that you are too all-over-the-place for anyone to be able to help you (me, for instance), don't worry! Jennifer has a talent for answering questions you didn't think to ask, and articulating your struggles even if you can't. I'm just waiting for her to offer therapy sessions as well as advice - my session felt like a little of both, and I could use another dose of therapy already! Thanks so much, Jennifer - hope to see you at Surtex in May!


Megan Wells 4 years ago · 0 Likes


My 1 hour chat with Jennifer was so, so, soooooo valuable to me. I was in a spot in my career where I just needed straight up advice...on everything. Contracts, licensing terms, website, portfolio questions...I threw it all at Jennifer! Of course she had amazing advice for me, I have notes and notes of advice...but she's really just a great person to chat with! I signed off from our conversation feeling encouraged, purposeful, and not second guessing my investment in seeking her out. Thank you so much Jennifer! Can't wait to meet in person. :)

Megan Wells



Jane Newland 4 years ago · 0 Likes


As you can imagine, when I found out I was the winner of Jennifer Nelson Artists' First Birthday Prize of a free 1 hour consultation I was OVER THE MOON!!

An hour of one to one chat with a top Art Agent = PRICELESS!

I had been tempted to contact Jennifer when I first saw that she was offering 1:1 advice, and I really should have listened to my instincts - I cannot sing her praises highly enough. Honestly.

An hour spent chatting with Jennifer, the loveliest of ladies who is SO generous with her knowledge, has armed me with new information, inspiration, strategies and confidence. She covered so much in the hour - social media, agents, art directors, my portfolio, my website, industry info, future possibilities, goals ...

All these things will together make a big difference to me and my career. I now have a cunning plan in place to get me where I'd like to be!

I spoke with Jennifer a week ago, and immediately put some of her advice into practice - and guess what - it's started working already!

You cannot beat having the eye of an experienced Art Agent / Director looking through your portfolio. And being brutally honest. But in the nicest, most helpful way!

And if you're of a slightly nervous disposition and have a dread of such things as Skype - fear ye not! It was a breeze.

So, if you've been considering having a chat with Jennifer, and you want honest, useful, practical help, my advice is DO IT NOW!

I am so, so grateful to Jennifer for spending the most enjoyable, informative hour with me - THANK YOU Jennifer xx


Melanie Biehle 4 years ago · 0 Likes


Today I had my first consultation with Jennifer. I knew it would be helpful, but I had no idea how much specific information I would be able to take away from our one hour chat. Her guidance is invaluable and I can't wait to get started on the next steps to build my surface design business. Thank you so much Jennifer!


Jill Howarth 4 years ago · 1 Like


Jennifer was a tremendous help to me with a contract negotiation recently. Her insight, advice and knowledge of contractural lingo was invaluable. Bottom line, because of her assistance I was able to get more than I was offered. I would not have had the confidence to do that on my own. She went above and beyond doing far more than I had expected, thank you Jennifer!


Rae Ritchie 4 years ago · 1 Like


My meeting with Jennifer was absolutely fantastic! She had so many great pieces of advice for my business, and brought things to my attention that I was not aware of. She puts one at ease, is incredibly down-to-earth and a pleasure to speak with! I feel empowered and excited to implement her feedback to improve the salability of my work, as well as gaining more visibility as an artist!


Clare Jordan 4 years ago · 0 Likes


Jennifer is so knowledgeable and insightful and I just LOVED our session. She is really fun and lovely to talk to and pointed out things that totally made sense and should make a really big difference to my business. I will take on the advice she gave me and follow up in the future. I would highly recommend Jennifer if you are seeking guidance or advice regarding licensing. Huge thank you Jennifer and I am totally delighted that I took this opportunity.


Sandra Bowers 4 years ago · 0 Likes


Every time I talk to Jennifer, I come here and leave a review, and overtime is sort of the same: she´s the best! I could´t survive in this business without having her support. Thank you Jennifer, you have given me confidence, drive and a ton of knowledge. I am so grateful for having met you and to have the opportunity of consulting with you. Seriously, if you´re thinking about consulting with Jennifer, so it! You won´t be disappointed.


4 years ago · 0 Likes


I had an amazing consultation today with Jennifer. She is AHHH-Mazing! I felt as though I was talking to my best friend and we were just picking up where we last left off. I initially reached out to Jennifer for help with my website- it was lovely to get her perspective on how to pull it all together. I peppered her with many questions regarding my website and she had the answers, and a realistic timeline for me to work with. One of my problems with time management, is how do I get the most out of my time. She had solutions as well as great ideas as how to market myself. Marketing myself is not one of my favorite things to do, but she showed me the way- a way to get the most out of social media- she's smart!! It's a tough world out there, and Jennifer gave me the "boost" and focus I needed.... to keep me going. I am thinking I might need another "tune-up" in 6 months!! How about it Jennifer!? Pencil me in? Thank you, thank you for knowing how most of us artsy people work, and for reeling me in from burning myself out- I am super excited for what is ahead of me and I am energized for the journey!


Jennifer Geldard 4 years ago · 0 Likes


I had my second consultation with Jennifer yesterday. I cannot say enough about how helpful and inspiring her support has become to my work life. My first meeting was about a year ago when I was just starting to get my portfolio together. She told me where my weaknesses were as well as my strengths, and helped me define a clear path to move forward. I took every suggestion to heart and worked hard to fill out and fine tune my portfolio and social media persona. This year is all about getting out there and grabbing a brass ring or two, and yet again, Jennifer was there for me, helping me tie up my loose ends and fine tune my presentation: I adore her. I can honestly say that I wouldn't be as far along in this creative adventure without her help. I'm doing what I love, and am feeling confident and excited! I have no doubt I will continue to check in with her again from time to time. Don't think twice about doing a consultation with her... you will never regret it.

Thanks so much Jennifer! You Rock!


Bethania Lima 4 years ago · 0 Likes


Today is the first morning of the first day of the first working week of a new journey in my career. Too much? Not really? I had a dream that I took a SAT exam and received a nice grade, but woke up early in the morning with the impression that lots had still to be done. I told my husband the dream meant the career challenges. And he answered: “well, you´ve never been afraid of work, right?” That´s a little story of my 48 hours after talking with Jennifer. It was just a little over 60 minutes talk, but it made a powerful change in how I see things. First of all, I took the weekend off, read for the simple pleasure of reading, bought just one new chair to mu studio and changed the space of work radically. And I went to sleep after writing a very comprehensive list of stuff to be done next. Before getting out of bed today, I had already envisioned two different concepts for pending works that I had forgotten to add to the list written in the previous night. Now I only remember one concept. Never mind. All those words seem not related at all with my review of the talk with Jennifer, right? Wow, for me they are a truly summarized version of the power of the talk. Jennifer is a mind changer. Powerful, clever, authentic, caring. Extremely professional, she checks to see that she covered all that was asked. And she puts herself on the shoes of the enquirer. I only regret it took me so long to came her way. But I hope to come back as soon as I can.


Ellen Mattesi 4 years ago · 0 Likes


Knowledge, knowledge, knowledge, sincerity, and more knowledge…that’s how I would describe my “artist consultation” with Jennifer Nelson. I sought the help of an experienced professional to take my body of work, choose its strengths and set specific goals to forward me in this industry. In our first meeting, she came to the table not only with an honest critique, but also many, many new ideas. Jennifer fills a much-needed gap for the serious artist who is seeking a bit of guidance in the freelance world. Thank you, Jennifer. Your help was invaluable. - Ellen Mattesi


Dana Saulnier 4 years ago · 0 Likes


I highly recommend working with Jennifer! She has so much insight to share and an individual review by someone who has worked with some of my dream clients is particularly valuable. She listened to my needs and gave me a list of concrete steps that will help me grow my business and also run it more efficiently. I can’t wait to put them into action! Jennifer is full of enthusiasm and positivity but isn’t afraid to let you know where there’s room for improvement. This is one of the best investments I’ve made in my business.


Lara Cannon 4 years ago · 0 Likes


Jennifer gave me great clear and specific advice on managing my time, researching markets, social media and what direction to take my portfolio. I am feeling totally energized and happy to finally have a plan. Thanks Jennifer, for this amazing service you provide to artists!


Agnes Schugardt 4 years ago · 0 Likes


My consultation with Jennifer really helped clarify my long term goals as an artist. She gave me really organized and well thought out advice that helped me re-organize my website, social media as well as giving me a set of long term goals to get me to where I need to go as an artist. She also gave realistic and confidence building advice about my art and being an artist.

Thank you Jennifer!


Allyn Howard 4 years ago · 0 Likes


This was my 1st professional Skype session (and probably my 1st consult with anyone in the field), so I was happy to find Jennifer as friendly and warm as she seems on social media. I particularly appreciate how straightforward she is about the business, while also being down to earth and encouraging. I would recommend this to any artist feeling a bit stuck or unsure of what their next steps should be. She talked me through some basics like researching potential contacts and how to use social media more effectively. She also made me feel like less of an outsider, which I bet a lot of us feel. I really needed someone to look at my website/portfolio for feedback and I needed some advice on time management. The time flew by, but I feel like she got to all of my questions. If you're on the fence, I say go for it! I'm really glad I did.


Adrienne Vita 4 years ago · 0 Likes


After hearing your perspective on what the directors are looking for, I feel like I really have a good handle now on how to showcase my work. A lot of your advice is doable and didn't feel too overwhelming. I'm glad I met you and I can't wait to implement all I learned. Thank you Jennifer!


Deborah Velasquez 4 years ago · 0 Likes


I just got off my Skype session with Jennifer and I feel as if I received a new pair of glasses, things are so much clearer now. The insight....Fantastic! The "real life" perspective.....Invaluable. The investment in "self" is so worth it! I highly recommend spending time with Jennifer.

Thank you so much Jennifer!


Hilli Kushnir 4 years ago · 0 Likes


I turned to Jennifer when I needed assistance determining my goals in publishing and surface design work. I have been drawing for a couple of years but felt I reached a plateau and needed a wake up call, a boost of motivation and some strategic pointers.

Jeniffer reviewed my site and brand and gave me ideas on how to better market myself. She reviewed my work, gave me specific notes on how to better appeal to art directors and referred me to an online publishing workshop.

I'm not sure how it happened but our skype session started my wheels rolling and within a week I had a plan for the few upcoming months and my energy and motivation resurfaced.

I would definitely return to Jennifer for future assistance and advice!


Ruth Lee 4 years ago · 0 Likes


I cannot say enough how helpful Jennifer was in guiding me in the right direction and leading me to great resources. Pursuing a career/business in illustration is very overwhelming, but Jennifer broke it down and gave me concrete, thorough advice. She was also very warm; she believed in my work and seemed to genuinely want me to succeed, which meant so much to me coming from a successful agent. Thank you, Jennifer Nelson!


Linda Arandas 4 years ago · 0 Likes


It was such a pleasure to "meet" Jennifer via Skype yesterday. Her smiling face and generous spirit helped me to be at ease and truly benefit from our time together. She has such a good eye for design and many years of experience as an art director/agent. Through her new agency, she is putting together a dream team of artists who I admire. I really appreciated her honesty and encouragement as she reviewed my art and social media. Jennifer could envision areas for me to pursue that I never thought of. She helped me to focus on what steps I need to take to move forward with my career. I now have a plan that is doable and I've already started to follow through on her suggestions. I highly recommend investing in yourself by scheduling a meeting with her!


Juliette Sallin 4 years ago · 0 Likes


Talking with Jennifer was terrific. With cheerfulness and generosity she analized my work very precisely and offered useful and concrete advices that I could put in practice right away. Thank you!


Sara Castro Monteiro 4 years ago · 0 Likes


I spent a great hour talking to Jennifer who kindly reviewed my portfolio. Her tips were really helpful and her advice in the areas I needed to improve were invaluable. Jennifer is a lovely person who sets you right at ease. I cannot help but think that it was a great investment! Thank you Jennifer!!


Sandrine Monnier 4 years ago · 0 Likes


My portfolio review with Jennifer Nelson was really valuable. She gave me a lot of advice about my design and tips for marketing. It's was a real pleasure to talk with someone who know her work and she was very patient with my english. Thank you Jennifer Nelson ! now it's time for me to apply all these information.


maja andersen 4 years ago · 0 Likes


Since I'm new to the full-time freelance world I've been feeling a bit lost and overwhelmed at how to organize my newly created website. Although I've been an Illustrator for years I needed advice in the first steps to market and brand my artwork, not to mention social media. Jennifer gave me many clear and concise suggestions to help me to get my freelance business up and running-now it's time to do my homework! thanks so much Jennifer, our video phone call was well worth my time and money well spent!


Sandra Bowers 4 years ago · 0 Likes


Every time I talk to Jennifer I hang up with the same feeling: this was money well spent and now I have tons of very valuable information that will make me a much better artist and business person. That´s on the business side of things, on the personal side, Jennifer is just a delight to talk to. So open and generous and always spot on. I feel very lucky to be able to book a session with her. Thank you Jennifer!


Natalie Cartwright 4 years ago · 0 Likes


Jennifer really knows her stuff! She gave me and my partner tons of great feedback on how to make our work more marketable. We felt rejuvenated talking with her and plan to implement her ideas right away! She is such a lovely person to talk with and her insight into the industry is very valuable! We highly recommend her services! Thank you Jennifer!


Steffi Hofmann 4 years ago · 0 Likes


I just had a brilliant chat with Jennifer. She is very friendly and easy to talk to and the meeting did exactly what I was hoping for, I have a very clear plan of action now, on how to make the transition to freelancing full time, I feel like my head has been tidied and Jennifer gave me lots of ideas about the next steps, so I have a million things to get on with now and can't wait to get started! Thanks so much, Jennifer!


Mara Penny 4 years ago · 0 Likes


I had an amazing meeting with Jennifer Nelson! She went over everything, from big picture all the way down to the minutia. I now have goals and a clear direction after speaking with her. She's practical, encouraging and very easy to talk to. It was a great hour, I learned SO much!!! Thank you again, Jennifer!!


Emi Ito 4 years ago · 0 Likes


I had my Advice for Artists meeting with Jennifer this morning and I'm still brimming with excitement from it all! She is so knowledgeable about the industry and our meeting was chock full of wonderful advice to help me move forward with my illustration career. I have been learning and studying a lot about the industry on my own, but it was so helpful to have the personal and objective advice from an actual agent. I highly recommend this! Thank you so much, Jennifer!


Lisa Kubenez 4 years ago · 0 Likes


I am really glad I had the opportunity to speak with Jennifer. She is so knowledgeable and was very well prepared for our talk. I now feel that, with her advice, I am ready to take my work to the next level. Our conversation was a real turning point for me and I now feel that I am headed in the right direction. Thank you Jennifer!


Eloise Narrigan 4 years ago · 0 Likes


I highly recommend Jennifer's Advice for Artists. I've been ready to expand my work as an illustrator and surface designer, but puzzling over how to market myself and what industries to go after. After our talk I have a game plan: list of things to tackle, a better idea of how to allocate my time, specific suggestions related to my work, and tips about the industry generally. Plus, Jennifer's really lovely! If you're thinking of doing this, go for it.


Ohn Mar Win 4 years ago · 1 Like


I just know my hour with Jennifer was hugely beneficial for my career. She was able to gave concise actions with regards to marketing and I have been able to put some of them into practice already. I feel very confident & so motivated going forward with her suggestions and tips. Jennifer is wonderfully generous with her time, expertise and knowledge in all areas of art, illustration & licensing. After our chat I know I can take my business to the next level - which I'm very excited about. Thanks again Jennifer.


Angela Navarra 4 years ago · 0 Likes


It was awesome speaking to Jennifer! She was prepared and dove right in! She gave me super helpful information about organizing my time and setting priorities, cleaning up my site, social media tips, and articles to read. She is down to earth and I couldn't be happier that we connected! Speaking to her was enlightening and I want to set up another meeting in the future! If you're wondering, "Should I?" I say, "Do it meow!"


Julie Nutting 4 years ago · 0 Likes


I was extremely stuck in my art business for months. After talking to Jennifer I have been crazy busy setting all my goals in place. She really explained social media and marketing and gave me ideas I had never thought of. She also gave me many ideas for my actual art that never occurred to me. I have much more clarity and focus moving forward with my work. An hour chat could very well change my life!


Tracy Mattocks 4 years ago · 0 Likes


I also had the pleasure of talking with Jennifer. Beforehand, I sent her links to my work and she came well prepared to discuss everything...and I mean everything! I excitedly took pages of notes while Jennifer gave me suggestions and insight into things I hadn't thought about on my own. She helped me set up realistic goals for my future and was careful not to fill my head with unrealistic expectations. I really respected her honest views. I'm eager to put some new marketing ideas into motion to help further my business.

On top of all of this, she is very personable–we had fun! Thank you Jennifer!


Kelly 4 years ago · 0 Likes


I had the pleasure of chatting with Jennifer this morning and I cannot say enough. Her passion for what she does is palpable. If you are on the fence, her consultation fee is worth every penny. Jennifer is warm, honest, and approachable--plus, this lady knows her stuff! I walked away feeling inspired and motivated, with an actionable plan that will undoubtedly help take my creative business to the next level. Thanks for everything Jennifer Nelson!


Sandra Bowers 4 years ago · 0 Likes


I got this session as a birthday present for myself and I couldn't be happier with it. I just had my conversation with Jennifer and I can't recommend it enough. She is so honest and kind and all her advice was spot on! This is money well spent! Now I have a clear action plan on what's next for me and my illustration and I can't wait to put all my new knowledge to work. The best thing is that she is so nice that it makes it very easy to talk to her. Thank you Jennifer!


rachael schafer 4 years ago · 0 Likes


I had a few great revelations while talking to Jennifer, and found some clarity to take forward with me in my ongoing illustration career goals. I very highly recommend Jennifer's advice as a positive and helpful resource. I feel my toolkit is well stocked now!


Gabriella 4 years ago · 0 Likes


It was a pleasure to talk to Jennifer. Her advice is detailed and actionable and I found she offered advice on things I hadn't really thought about. I was very pleased that she spotted areas of my work that I can develop and had great advice on how to tackle my online portfolio organisation. Her perceptive questions to me have given me food for thought and I have plenty of things to work on! Thank you so much Jennifer.


Nicole LaRue 4 years ago · 0 Likes


This lady is brilliant, personable and genuinely kind! It was a beyond-helpful and super lovely chat indeed! She gave insight and advice freely and I suspect, highly, that it will be a gigantic help in marketing myself as an artist. Thanks hugely and greatly, Jennifer Nelson!


Rongrong Devoe 4 years ago · 0 Likes


I had a great time chatting with Jennifer! She is very knowledgeable and answered a lot of my questions and concerns. She also gave me great advice in terms of how to improve my website and Instagram, Pinterest. In addition, we talked about promoting and marketing my art to my ideal clients. After this one hour session, I have a clearer vision and goal to move forward onto my fashion illustration career. Definitely looking forward to chat with Jennifer again in the future!-Rongrong DeVoe


Patti Sokol 4 years ago · 0 Likes


Thank you Jennifer! My skype chat with you more than exceeded my expectations for what a consultation should be. I was so impressed that you had researched my portfolio and my social media including instagram and pinterest before we chatted. You had such specific insightful comments and best of all a very specific action plan for me to move forward with. I don't think that anyone should hesitate at all to invest in a consultation as I found it to be one of the most beneficial decisions I have made so far in the world of surface pattern design and licensing.


Joy Laforme 4 years ago · 0 Likes


I just finished chatting with Jennifer this morning and I am feeling so inspired and motivated. Jennifer is an invaluable resource and I can't express how highly I would recommend her to any friend looking for clarity, inspiration, advice, and an experienced ear as well! Jennifer listened to my concerns, my thoughts, my ideas, and gave me such honest and refreshing feedback. Thank you Jennifer!


Terri Fry Kasuba 4 years ago · 0 Likes


I just got off Skype with Jennifer Nelson and I am feeling super motivated! She gave me some defined goals in marketing and promoting my artwork. It is invaluable to have an objective, fresh eye from someone experienced in the illustration business. She was thorough in looking at all my social media and portfolio sites and answering all the questions I had asked. Thank you Jennifer!


Kate 4 years ago · 0 Likes


I can't really express how invaluable this hour is to all artists. If you're thinking of signing up, don't think twice, do it. Her expertise on the industry and her little tips were so insanely helpful. I've got a list of focused personalized homework to start on, which is exactly what I needed. She's inspiring, funny and super easy to talk to you. She was super focused on walking through all the items I wanted to cover and had great pointers. She was honest and gave great feedback on a variety of different questions. I think I can guarantee you will end your call with a smile and a little kick in your step, just having such a professional look over your work, and give you honest and invaluable feedback.


Lucinda Kidney 4 years ago · 0 Likes


Jennifer is a warm, friendly and approachable person who instantly made me feel at ease. Her advice was perfect for me and has given me the confidence to move forward and take the next steps to my goals. Thank you so much Jennifer xx


Jo Chambers 4 years ago · 0 Likes


Jennifer was a delight to talk to, extremely friendly and knowledgeable. I had submitted a list of subjects that I wanted to cover prior to our chat and we went through each one in detail, addressing any concerns and queries I had along the way.

Not only did I get confirmation on several areas I was keen to talk about but Jennifer was great at picking up on other subjects I might like to look into.

I have already began implementing what we discussed and intend to carry on doing so.

I would recommend a consultation with Jennifer for anyone that might want some clarity and direction.

Thanks again Jennifer x


Angela Staehling 4 years ago · 0 Likes


Loved talking with Jennifer! Just had a Skype consultation and she answered all of my questions, plus she brought many other more to the table - questions I hadn't even thought about! Jennifer is a wealth of knowledge and is very happy to share her expertise and advice. She is quick at following up with emails, and takes your best interest to heart. Jennifer is the perfect answer for any artist looking for help navigating their way through the art licensing world and beyond. I thoroughly look forward to working with her more in the future!


Kathryn Cole 4 years ago · 1 Like


Thank you so much Jennifer!! I really enjoyed our consultation and would highly recommend it to anyone considering it. Your advice was perfect for me and a wonderful confidence boost. I am working on implementing your suggestions and am excited for my future in illustration and surface design. I appreciate the time you took to prepare and talk with me. You have a wonderful eye for detail and I look forward to talking with you again.

Thank you again.

Have a beautiful day,



cathi mingus 4 years ago · 2 Likes


Thanks Jennifer for the time you spent with me via skype! You did a great job of giving me much needed feedback in the areas of marketing/social media and new markets that might be a fit for me. It's so great to

be able to pull from your knowledge and experience. I feel like I have better insight into the steps that I want to take moving forward with my career. I would recommend a consultation with you to newer artists or artists like myself who have been freelancing for years. Wishing you and your artists continued success!


Alice Rebecca Potter 4 years ago · 1 Like


I enjoyed a Sype consultation with Jennifer recently. Having left university in 2008, it was a long time since I had really been able to talk about my portfolio with somebody impartial. We spent the hour discussing my career to date, and I diligently took notes on what was being said. I could tell that she had spent some considerable time looking though my portfolio and social media sites. I feel positive that I am on the right direction now after hearing Jennifer's words. She is lovely to talk to and I highly recommend the consultation.


Tracey English 4 years ago · 1 Like


I found my skype chat with Jennifer really helpful, we went through a contract and discussed the possibilities of a lisencing agent that I was interested in joining, we also had time to go through my work and future plans!

Jennifer is easy to talk to and immediately makes you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Thank you so much for all your advice :)


Julie Harrison 4 years ago · 2 Likes


I enjoyed a Skype consultation with Jennifer last night and woke this morning with a renewed sense of pride and purpose about my surface pattern design career. Having a one-on-one conversation with Jennifer was not only motivating, it was honest, fun and very informative. I found Jennifer to be warm and friendly and very approachable. I had the opportunity to ask the questions I wanted and in return I received practical advice, good ideas, and knowledge to show the art work on my website more effectively and efficiently. THANK YOU Jennifer for your terrific insights and input. I've already started working on actioning some of the things we spoke about and prioritised my to do list. Julie Harrison x


Elyse Harrison 4 years ago · 1 Like


My chat this morning with Jennifer left me enthusiastic and clear about the next steps I would like to take with my career. I'm glad too that I'm wise enough to know that success means diligent, hard work, not just the confidence that can come from a flattering and motivating consultation. So thank you Jennifer, for this awesome push! I am eager to get down to business!


Stephanie Jones 4 years ago · 1 Like


After some years of being out of the loop, I consulted with Jennifer, and she helped me to make a plan to get my work in front of the right eyes, in the most effective way. She was cheerful and smart, and full of helpful information. Thanks so much Jennifer, and I look forward to future conversations!


Heather Renaux 4 years ago · 1 Like


After consulting with Jennifer, I have was able to set immediate goals and form a clear path for the future of my career. With such a vast knowledge of the industry, she is able to help determine not only the baby steps needed to grow a career but also the bigger leaps it may take. Her ability to determine which markets an artist like myself will work best in was very helpful to me as well. Her insider tips on getting your work seen are priceless. All in all, I am so inspired and have been taking steps everyday since we spoke to grow my career to its potential. Thank you so much, Jennifer!!!


Sarah Thompson 4 years ago · 1 Like


I really enjoyed my Skype meeting with Jennifer yesterday evening, I'm so pleased I did it. She gave me some great advice and ideas. It was really helpful to talk to someone who knows how the industry works and what clients are looking for. I'm now feeling very inspired and ready to go make some new art and improve on my existing collection. Thanks so much. Sarah x


Anne Was Here 4 years ago · 2 Likes


Thank you, Jennifer, for your expert guidance in dealing with a contract negotiation. I ended up getting everything that I asked for! In addition, your advice and feedback on my career goals have been an immense help to me. I'm so glad that you are offering your advice to artists!


Anisa 4 years ago · 1 Like


Jennifer, meeting with you was so fun and helpful. You gave me some great advice. Now I'm super busy putting all your advice into action! Thank You!