Rae Ritchie


Hello, my name is Rachel Grant, I am a freelance artist based in North Staffordshire in the UK. I live and work in an old Victorian terraced house in an area that is well known for its rich potteries heritage. It is this love of history, time-worn surfaces and the consistency of the natural world around them that inspires and informs my work. I dream of one day living off-grid in an old cottage by the sea, embracing a life of slow, peaceful living and my illustrations are often a glimpse of that world.

I incorporate a range of media in my artwork, depending on the end use. These can include drawing, painting, collage and print - bringing them together digitally at the end.  When I am not at my desk working, you will find me knitting, gardening, baking bread, sewing clothes or snuggled under blankets watching great films.