Advice for Artists


The sheer number of requests from amazing artists seeking representation from our little artist agency is both gratifying and overwhelming. Gratifying in that I am honored to have the consideration of so many, but overwhelming to realize just how many artists would like some more support. Staying small and focused on JNA artists is exactly what I love and my first priority. That said, I also really like to support outside artists in whatever small way that I can. So, I meet with artists in one-on-one sessions.


If you are a working professional, and you would like to talk to me to get some advice, let’s schedule some time together. Sessions last one hour and are held online via GoTo Meeting. You can send payment by PayPal. I can’t help you if you’re just starting out; that requires more time than I can responsibly give. If you need help negotiating a deal, understanding the terms of a contract, or are curious about expanding your markets, I think I can be helpful. Just fill out the this form and I’ll be in touch to schedule a time to talk.

Read comments from some of artists I have worked with here!



I can’t possibly help everyone so please don’t be disappointed if I have to say no. I only schedule calls with the people I can help most.

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